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Right to Information

We are committed to providing the community with open and transparent access to information about its services and activities. Our website contains a lot of information about our services and business operations, and we are committed to adding to this information.

If you have not been able to locate the particular information/service you are after via our website, or by contacting the relevant department of Council, you may wish to contact Council's Right To Information officer to discuss your particular enquiry. In many cases, they will be able to direct you to the appropriate channel.

If you are still unable to access the information you are seeking, you may wish to make a formal application under the Right to Information Act. This Act (which supercedes the previous Freedom of Information Act (1992)) embodies the Queensland Government's approach to giving the community greater access to information. It commits to providing access to information held by the Government and its Agencies such as Local Government (Councils), unless on balance it is contrary to the public interest to provide that information. More information can be obtained from the Queensland Government's Right to Information website.

The Act gives the public the legal right to:

  • obtain access to information or documents held by Council
  • request amendments to records of a personal nature that are inaccurate
  • appeal against a decision not to grant access to information or to amend personal records.

Please note that if the information you are seeking to access is not your personal information, you will have to pay an application fee. You may also be charged for processing the application and for making copies of documents.

Council's Right To Information officer is able to provide advice on applications and charges. Telephone 1300 005 872 or email mailto:mailbox@lvrc.qld.gov.au

Making a right to information application

If you have been unable to access information you believe to be held by Council, you may make an application under the Right To Information Act 2009 .

  • Payment of RTI fee of $44.85 must be paid at time of application, processing and access charges may also apply.
  • All RTI applications should provide sufficient information to allow the identification of the documents you are seeking.
  • Provide an address for notices of the Act to be sent to the applicant.

Applications should be made using the Information Access Application Form , and completed applications should be sent to:

Chief Executive Officer
Right To Information Applications
Lockyer Valley Regional Council
PO Box 82

They may also be faxed to 07 5462 3269 or emailed to mailbox@lvrc.qld.gov.au

Right to information – Disclosure log

Our disclosure log contains details of non-personal information released under the Right To Information Act 2009. If you would like access to any of the documents listed in the disclosure log, please contact Council's Right To Information officer, on 1300 005 872, or email mailbox@lvrc.qld.gov.au

What is information privacy?

The Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act 2009) guides how you can:

  • access your personal information
  • advise us about any changes or amendments to your personal information

Information Privacy legislation also guides how government agencies manage your personal information. This aspect of the new legislation will apply to Queensland local government as of 1 July 2010.

Amending documents containing personal information

Under the Information Privacy Act 2009 you may apply for an amendment to a document that contains your personal information, if that document contains information that is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading. Please note that this is not required for changes of name, address etc.

You should submit applications using the Personal Information Amendment Application Form

Your completed application should be sent to:

Chief Executive Officer
Personal Information Amendment Requests
Lockyer Valley Regional Council
PO Box 82

Applications may also be faxed to 07 5462 3269, or emailed to mailbox@lvrc.qld.gov.au

Publication Scheme

In accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009, Lockyer Valley Regional Council is required by law to publish a range of information on our website known as a Publication Scheme.

Residents can review or download the information free of charge or for those with no or slow internet connection, Council libraries in Laidley and Gatton provide free internet access.

Residents unable to locate information they are seeking are encouraged to contact Council by calling 1300 005 872.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s Publication Scheme consists of five areas:

About Council

Council services

Council finances

Council’s vision