Emergencies and natural disasters

Prepare your home [PDF:192KB]
Prepare your Household Emergency Plan [PDF: 285KB]
Prepare your Household Emergency Kit [PDF: 614KB]
Prepare your Household for Evacuation [PDF: 520KB]
Check your neighbours [PDF: 357KB]
Tune into Warnings! [PDF: 568KB]
Prepare your Pet Emergency Plan [PDF: 326KB]
Emergency Pantry List [PDF: 92KB]

For the most current versions of these fact sheets, please visit Emergency Management Queensland's

Essential contacts in the event of a disaster or emergency
Emergency Contact Information

Don't give a storm ammunition (video)
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Don't give a storm ammunition

"Get Ready" iTorch Competition: Closes 29 May 2015

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Take the 60 second test

The Disaster Readiness Index is a short 9-question checklist which focuses on the things you need to know, the actions you should be taking, and your understanding of your environment before and during a disaster. The result of the checklist is your very own Disaster Readiness Index, measured upon a base score of 100. Take the 60second test here.

Lockyer Valley Local Disaster Management Plan

View the current version of the Lockyer Valley's Local Disaster Management Plan.

Lockyer Valley Local Disaster Management Plan

Natural disasters

Prepare for a bushfire.


Prepare for a storm and the danger of stormwater.

Severe storm

Prepare for a flood.


Dealing with a heatwave.


Prepare for a cyclone.


Prepare for an earthquake.


Have you got a disability?

Prepare those with disabilities, their families and carers.

People with a Disability

Your business

Better prepare your business against emergencies and disasters.

Business Preparedness

Are your children ready?

Prepare your child and improve their awareness of emergencies and disasters.

Kids, Young people and Schools

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