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Glenore Grove inundation

27 January 2012



Residents in the areas of Glenore Grove are advised that due to rising levels in Laidley and Gatton creeks, there may be flooding in low lying areas.

Mayor Steve Jones said if residents are in a low lying area they should remain alert and monitor their immediate surroundings, moving to higher ground if concerned.

“It’s important that residents who are currently outside the area, do not enter the area and take great care moving down any access roads,” he said.

Roads expected to be inundated include:

Pagels Rd

Mischke Rd

Sandalwood Drive (Brightview)

Niethe Road (Lockrose)

Kammholz Rd (Lockrose)

Forest Hill Rd Fernvale Rd (Glenore Grove)

North Pommeranke Rd

Warratah Crt (Morton Vale)

Banksia Crt (Morton Vale)

Nangara Rd (Morton Vale)


Tips for safeguarding yourself and your home:

- Raise furniture, clothing and valuables on to beds, tables and into roof spaces

- Empty freezers and refrigerators, leaving doors open

- Turn off power, water and gas

- Whether you leave or stay, if you have sandbags, put them in the toilet bowl and over all laundry/bathroom drain holes to prevent sewage back-flow

- Lock your home

- Don’t drive in water of unknown depth and current. 

And remember, in an emergency, call 000.