Current Economic Projects

Lockyer Valley Business Luncheon

An opportunity for partnering, growth and networking.

Council and business representatives met for lunch and discovered what is happening in and around the Lockyer Valley region.  Attendees heard about projects directly from the project proponents, discovering where the new opportunities for local business and industry are and explored the future growth opportunities in the Lockyer Valley.

Lockyer Valley Mayor Tanya Milligan said to have some of the heavy weights in investment in the one room was a real coup for council. "As a council, we know we can't do it alone, we rely heavily on generating investment to the region to allow us to grow, "she said.

"By supporting each other and celebrating our successes, we have the ability to attract great investment and I believe​ our future is very positive and bright. Together, council, local businesses and the community can really deliver great things that we all can be proud of for generations to come."

Copies of presentations from the day:


Laidley Business Incubator - Neilsen's Place

The Neilsen's Place business incubator is an economic development initiative of Council to support the growth and development of new and early stage businesses.

Neilsen's Place is a commercial environment where new business can start to trade, test the market and begin to build a customer base.  It is ideally located in the centre of Laidley's shopping area, providing easy pedestrian access, within an interesting building that is an important part of Laidley's history.

If you have a well-planned business proposal or an existing business that is ready for that next stage, then the Laidley Business Incubator at Neilsen's Place may be the right place for you and your business.

Council is seeking proposals and/or applicants with a start-up or early stage business proposal that is ready to commence trading in a commercial environment at Neilsen's Place, Laidley.

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