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Rabbit Survey

Rabbits cause significant damage to our local agricultural industry.

During the next two months, Council together with DDMRB will be surveying properties to identify locations of rabbit hot-spots in order to conduct control work and to provide advice and assistance to control rabbits effectively.

To share you rabbit information and/or become part of this opportunity, please complete the survey online:

Or contact us for a copy by calling 1300 005 872.

The online survey will close Thursday 13 April 2017.

For more information, visit our webpage "Rabbit Information".








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​Close date



Draft Corporate Plan 2017-2022 - Lockyer Valley Regional Council​


Council is seeking your feedback on the draft Corporate Plan 2017-2022.

The Corporate Plan 2017-2022 demonstrates how Council's vision will be delivered over the next 5 years.

The Corporate Plan has five key themes each of which includes Council's commitment, outcomes and performance measures to assist Council to achieve its vision:

  • Lockyer Community
  • Lockyer Business, Farming and Livelihood
  • Lockyer Nature
  • Lockyer Planned
  • Lockyer Leadership and Council

Providing your feedback now will help ensure that Council is moving in the right direction for the next 5 years.

Download the draft Corporate Plan by clicking anywhere on this paragraph.

How to provide your feedback


Post:      Draft Corporate Plan,  LVRC, PO Box 82, Gatton Qld 4343

Deliver: To one of Council's Customer Service Centres or Libraries












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​Gatton CBD Mural Public Art Project

​Council is undertaking a public art project in the Gatton CBD featuring large murals on selected walls of participating local commercial and Council buildings. The project was initiated by a local business owner and made possible with funding from the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).

Community consultation was conducted in February and early March 2017 to assist Council in understanding the themes, values and styles the community feels best represents Gatton.  The results will be used to develop the Artist's Brief. The project, including engagement of suitably experienced artists, will be managed by an external Public Art Manager with extensive experience in similar projects.



A Report will be published in the future in conjunction with the Artist's Brief.

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​Lockyer Valley Community Plan Review

The Community Plan is our community-led 10-year overview for the Region. It was developed by a community reference group. It focuses on the big picture of what we want our region to look and feel like in the future.

​Let us know what you most like, least like, and think has been missed.

Information and feedback stations were provided at Laidley and Gatton Customer Service Centres and Libraries and an online feedback options was also provided.

Download a PDF copy of the Draft Community Plan here.



A Report will be published following analysis and presentation to Council.

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​​Gatton Black Spot Intersection Concept Designs

Council has received funding to address safety concerns at two intersections within Gatton and invites comment on the concept designs from interested community members.

The project includes the intersection of North and William Streets, Gatton and the four-way intersection of East Street, Crescent Street, Smithfield Road and Old College Road, Gatton.

See the Concept Designs by using these links:  

A drop-in Information and Consultation Session was held Wednesday 15 February 2017 at the Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre, Lake Apex Dr, Gatton. An online feedback option was also provided.


A Report will be published following analysis and presentation to Council.

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​Queensland Transport Museum Review

The QTM (Queensland Transport Museum on Lake Apex Drive Gatton) was created as an added attraction to the region, and to acknowledge the vital role transport plays in the Lockyer Valley.

Council would like to know how often people visit the QTM, and what exhibits and activities people would like to see there.

A short survey was provided online supported by the option of making an appointment with an engagement officer for paper-based responses.

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​Council Communications Review

Council conducted a review on how we can better provide information to residents. Your responses will assist us to improve our communication methods.
A short survey was provided online supported by the option of making an appointment with an engagement officer for paper-based responses.

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status
2017 Level of Service Budget Consultation

​Indicate your preferred levels of service and see how that might affect future Budgets.



Read the Report

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status
​Lockyer Valley Holiday Activities

​Help us coordinate school holiday activities for children and youth that work better for you.



Read the Report

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status
Laidley Parks Survey

​Tell us how you use Laidley's parks in general so we consider it when planning parks and upgrades now and in the future.



Read the Report

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status
​Gatton CBD Traffic and Pedestrian Review

​A review of your preferences for pedestrian and vehicle accessibility and priorities in Gatton CBD to assist with future planning.



Read the Report

Community Engagement at Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Lockyer Valley Regional Council is committed to enhancing how it engages with the community. Through undertaking engagement Council aims to:

  • Provide useful information to the public,
  • Build Council and community connections, and
  • Maximise community participation in decision making.

Engagement is not a one-way process. It provides an opportunity for the community to let Council know what is important and to find better ways to work together to achieve the Region’s shared vision.

In undertaking community engagement Council is guided by the following:

  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council Community Engagement Policy,
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Community Engagement Framework, and
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council Community Engagement Strategy.

Engagement Opportunities

Lockyer Valley Regional Council undertakes a number of community engagement initiatives to seek input, consult with and/or inform the public about a range of issues, plans, projects, and service delivery changes and developments.

Information about engagement opportunities can be accessed via:

  • Council’s website,
  • By contacting Council’s Customer Service Centre on 1300 005 872, or
  • Online at Customer Live Chat.

Some significant projects are promoted from time to time in Council publications such as the Valley Voice or in public notices in the Gatton Star. Budget considerations, lead time and applicable legislative requirements will influence the extent and methods chosen to advertise public consultations/engagement opportunities.

Council additionally holds a number of events throughout the year, which provide an opportunity for community and Council to connect and share information. For information about upcoming events, please see Council’s events calendar.

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