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​What’s happening?

The Inland Rail Project is a project of national significance and is planned to come through the Lockyer Valley from Ballard in the west to Summerholm (near Grandchester) in the east.

Potentially the freight-only trains on this line will be 3.6km long with two (2) shipping containers stacked on top of each other on each wagon. 

The project is being delivered by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC).

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As part of the process, the Queensland Government’s Coordinator-General for the Department of State Development issued DRAFT Terms of Reference for public consultationwhich was held from 6 May 2017 to 5 June 2017 for both the Gowrie to Helidon and Helidon to Calvert sections of the planned route.

  • Submissions for the Gowrie to Helidon section closed  5 June 2017.

  • Submissions for the Helidon to Calvert section closed 26 June 2017.

What does this mean?

The Terms of Reference (TOR) provide the questions and issues that ARTC must provide responses to in their Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for each section of the route (known as projects).

The Terms of Reference itself does not generally provide any information on how ARTC will deal with various community concerns or project issues and impacts. It provides the detailed list of issues and concerns that will be addressed in the EIS. For this reason, the Draft TOR will not generally contain specific project designs or concepts.

Where are the maps of the planned routes?

What is Council doing?

  • Council has prepared draft submissions to the Draft Terms of Reference for each of the two sections affecting the Lockyer Valley. 
  • The draft submissions are available below as public documents so that the community can see what we’re responding to. This might also assist you in thinking about how you might respond. 
  • Council may not be fully aware of every community member’s concerns and urges everyone with concerns to make their own submissions. We encourage you to share this responsibility with us. 
  • Council does not have capacity to provide assistance with preparing individual submissions other than the content on this page. 

Council is requesting that the Coordinator-General extends the submission period to allow the community to have a reasonable opportunity to review the Draft Terms of Reference and prepare meaningful submissions.

What is Council submitting?

Please note the length of the documents above before printing. 

Copies will be available at Council’s Customer Service Centres and Gatton Library.

Finalised Terms of Reference - Helidon to Calvert project

The Terms of Reference for an environmental impact statement: Inland Rail - Helidon to Calvert project (TOR) has been finalised.

The draft terms of reference for this project were released for public and advisory agency comment from 6 May 2017 to 26 June 2017. Comments were received from 129 agencies, organisations and individuals.

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