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Below is a list of current Tenders offered by the Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

(Note: if there are no current tenders the list will be blank.)

Tender No LVRC 15-06, 15-13 and 15-14

Council is seeking tenders for the lease of the following properties for grazing purposes:

Tender No LVRC-15-06 75 Philps Road, Grantham

Request for Tender - Lease of 75 Philps Road, Grantham

Tender Form - Tender for Grantham Grazing Lease

Lease for Grantham Grazing Land

Grantham Grazing Land - Aerial View of Lease Area


Tender No LVRC-15-13 2 Leonard Street, Laidley

Request for Tender- 2 Leonard Street, Laidley

Tender Form - 2 Leonard Street, Laidley

Trustee Lease for Grazing Tender - 2 Leonard Street, Laidley

Request to Register Mandatory Standard Terms


Tender No LVRC-15-14 Beutel Road Reserve, Laidley Creek West

Request for Tender - Lease - Beutel Road, Laidley Creek West

Tenders - Tender Form - Beutel Road, Laidley Creek West

Tenders - Lease for Reserve at Beutel Road, Laidley Creek West

Request to Register Mandatory Standard Terms


Site plans are provided in the respective tender documents.

Interested parties are invited to submit a completed Tender Form and supporting documents prior to the nominated closing date and time. Documents may be submitted in hard copy form in triplicate in a sealed envelope placed in the Tender Box at Council’s Gatton Administration Building, 26 Railway Street, Gatton and/or submitted electronically to tenders@lvrc.qld.gov.au prior to the nominated closing date and time. Hard copy submissions must be endorsed on the front of the sealed envelope, and electronic submissions include a subject line, with the Tender Number, description, closing date and time clearly stated.

Closing date: Wednesday 8 April 2015 at 4pm.
Contact: Stephen Hart - 0499 776 272.


EOI LVRC 14-30

Expression of Interest - LVRC-14-30

Council is seeking expressions of interest for the lease of various properties acquired by Council as part of the Council Land Swap Program.

EOI LVRC-14-30

EOI for Lease of Land Swap Properties

EOI Forest Hill Properties

EOI Gatton Properties 1

EOI Gatton Properties 2

EOI Glenore Grove Properties

EOI Grantham Properties

EOI Helidon Spa Properties

EOI Kensington Grove Properties

EOI Murphys Creek Properties

EOI Postmans Ridge Properties

EOI Doccuments will be available on Friday 26 September from Council's website.


Individual Contracts of over $100,000 or More

Council General Conditions of Offer

Council General Conditions of Contract

Below is a PDF of all current Contracts with a value of $100,000 or more which have been procured by Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

Contracts of $100,000 or more