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​​2018 Councillor By-Election

Lockyer Valley Regional Council's Councillor by-election was held on Saturday, 10 February 2018. 

The Acting Electoral Commissioner has approved the declaration of the successful candidate in the Lockyer by-election, Mr Patrick (Rick) Vela.  This information is available on the  ECQ website and on ECQ Facebook site.



General Information

Local Government elections are held every 4 years and are conducted by the Electoral Commission of Queensland.  A by-election may be held where a vacancy exists. 

Election Signage Fact Sheet outlines the requirements in relation to the location and construction of election signs in the Lockyer Valley area. 

On the ECQ's website, residents can:

  • Enrol to vote
  • Check enrolment details
  • Check voting options, including polling booth locations and pre-polling voting

For further information about local government elections please contact ECQ on 1300 881 665 or at

FAQs - 2018 Councillor By-Election

1. Who is responsible for advertising a local government election?

 Council is required by legislation to use the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) to run elections.  As a part of this, the ECQ advertises elections in accordance with legislation (s 24 LG Electoral Act 2011) and provide a notice of the election in the local newspapers (e.g. Gatton Star, Toowoomba Chronicle and Queensland Times).  

2.  Does Council send notifications to all resident’s letterboxes?

Previously where Council (and not ECQ) ran the election, Council may have sent notifications to all electors informing them of the election; however, this is not a requirement. 

3.  Does ECQ send notifications to all resident’s letterboxes? 

ECQ have in recent elections sent out Voter Information Cards to all electors on the roll.  Council chose not to include these cards in this election, as it would have added $26,000 to the cost of running the election (Refer to Item 10.1 17 January 2018 Council Meeting Minutes).

4. Did Council undertake any newspaper advertising of the February 2018 by-election? 

Council included one ECQ-provided notice in Council’s "Valley Voice" page of the Gatton Star on Wednesday 10 January 2018. Council did not undertake any further advertising in newspapers. 

5. Did ECQ conducted newspaper advertising of the election date and details? 

Yes.  Advertising was conducted in Council’s "Valley Voice" page of the Gatton Star on Wednesday 10 January 2018 and the Toowoomba Chronicle and Queensland Times.

6. Why was this by-election not given more promotion? 

General local government elections occur simultaneously across all Queensland councils and therefore attract a high level of media interest over several months which raises community awareness. Promotion of by-elections by ECQ or Council is conducted under legislative requirements, but may not attract the same media attention and therefore may result in lower rates of community awareness. 

The Lockyer Valley Regional Council by-election held on Saturday 10 February 2018 was first notified in the Gatton Star on Wednesday 10 January 2018. Various media outlets, including televised news, broadcasted several news items about this election and the Gatton Star published several pages of information on Wednesday 7 February 2018. 

7. Who decides if fines are issues? 

Under s 165 of the Local Government Electoral Act 2011, failure to vote notices may be sent out by ECQ. 

8. Will I be fined if I didn’t vote in this election?

ECQ determines if they will issue fines for eligible voters who didn’t vote. If you are issued with an Apparent Failure to Vote Notice and believe you have a valid reason for not voting, refer to the ECQ website

9. Did Council decide not to have a ‘postal vote’ this time? 

Yes. A postal vote means that only postal voting is offered and there are no booths to vote in. An attendance vote means that polling booths are provided for people to attend and vote in-person and is supplemented by options including, but not limited to, pre-polling and postal voting. 

For the 2018 LVRC by-election, Council chose to hold an attendance ballot for the by-election (Item 10.1 17 January 2018 meeting). This type of election has had a higher voter turnout previously and allows electors to decide if they wish to vote in person, pre-poll or postal vote subject to eligibility. 

10. What voting options were available for people with a disability? 

People with a disability are able to vote at a polling booth, including pre-polling if their mobility allows, and may be eligible to have someone attend with them to provide assistance. They may also use a postal vote by contacting ECQ in advance to make the necessary arrangements. ECQ offers a range of other voter assistance for various elections. Information is available on the ECQ website.

 11. When will we know the results of the by-election? 

ECQ will publish the results following the official declaration of the ballot. Final results and progressive results may be viewed on the ECQ website.

12. What did this by-election cost Lockyer Valley ratepayers? 

ECQ charged Lockyer Valley Regional Council $168,000 to conduct the 2018 by-election​.​

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