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About Requesting

The Lockyer Valley Regional Council corporate logo must be displayed prominently on all official communication materials in accordance with the Lockyer Valley Regional Council Style Guide.
Approved logos must be used appropriately to maintain Council’s image and identity.

Logos must not be recreated, manipulated or changed in any manner under any circumstances. Logos for programs and projects must not be used in place of the approved corporate logo. Such images can be used as graphics in publications but must be accompanied by the official logo.

External parties must not use any of Council’s official logos for false and misleading purposes, or to endorse any products or services which do not align with Council’s principles.

The inappropriate or unauthorised use of Council’s visual identity will be a breach of this procedure. Measures will be taken to correct inappropriate or unauthorised use and may include destruction of material which breaches the procedure.

Who can request the use of the logo?

Any individual, group, business, community organisation or school that has been supported in the way of in-kind or sponsorship agreements or in recognition of a Council grant from Lockyer Valley Regional Council may display the logo. Guidelines for correct use and display of the logo can be requested through Corporate Communication. Permission to use the logo or devices does not include any guarantee of sponsorship or receipt of grant funds.

Where can the logo be displayed?

Lockyer Valley Regional Council logo may be displayed on written correspondence, documents, publications, internet, stationery, posters, buildings, billboards and some vehicles upon receipt of written approval by Lockyer Valley Regional Council in accordance with the guidelines for the specified period.

How can I request the logo?

Please read the Lockyer Valley Regional Council Logo Use Guidelines. If you wish to proceed, complete an Application for use of Lockyer Valley Regional Council logo form and either fax or email as per the directions included in the document.

Your application should be made two weeks in advance of any specific date for which you would like to use the Lockyer Valley Regional Council logo or device.

A proof of the intended artwork including placement of the logo must be provided for approval by Lockyer Valley Regional Council prior to publication or display. Lockyer Valley Regional Council will contact you in writing to confirm the terms and conditions of your use of the logo.

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