Our Vision


We will deliver sustainable services to enhance the liveability of our community while embracing our economic, cultural and natural diversity.


Lead, Engage and Empower.


Lockyer Valley Regional Council has a strong set of values that remind us of what is important as an organisation. We strive to enable opportunities within our region with a strong customer focus. Our values are:

We lead through excellence and partner with the community to achieve Council’s vision and mission.

We accept ownership of our role and take responsibility for our actions. We are results focused, take pride in our successes and efforts and learn from our mistakes.

We strive to be valued and trusted by the Lockyer Valley community. We are respectful, open, transparent and honest in our dealings with the community. At all times we act in the best interests of the community.

We embrace diversity and communicate openly and honestly. We listen actively, consider and value the views of others. Our communication is clear, concise and consistent.

Customer Focus
We strive to engage and communicate with our internal and external customers to meet agreed outcomes. We identify and aim to meet the needs of all customers in a responsive and equitable manner.

Teamwork & Collaboration
We value creative thinking and look for opportunities to collaborate and connect to deliver a better Lockyer Valley. We work together by recognising and sharing our talents, skills, experience and knowledge.

As a local government authority, we are committed to providing quality services to residents and visitors in the pursuit of our vision for the region. ​

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