Public Interest Disclosure

​Do you suspect wrongdoing at Council? You may have a public interest disclosure. A public interest disclosure (PID) is a disclosure in the public interest, of information about wrongdoing in the public sector.

For an allegation, to be considered a PID it must be:

  • public interest information about substantial and specific wrongdoing or danger,
  • an appropriate disclosure, and 
  • made to a proper authority. 

PID information should include:

  • the name and job title of the person who is the subject of the disclosure,
  • information about relevant events, dates and places,
  • the names of people who may be able to provide additional information, and
  • contact information for you, as the discloser, so you can be contacted and informed about the PID assessment and outcomes.

You are able to submit an anonymous disclosure to Council; however this means that Council cannot contact you to clarify your disclosure or to seek additional information
You can lodge a Complaint Form to Council for investigaion:

  • Via email:,
  • By post: PO Box 82, Gatton QLD 4343,
  • In Person: Customer Service Centre at 26 Railway Street, Gatton, or
  • By telephone: 1300 00 5872.

When making a PID, you have a responsibility to:

  • provide honest and accurate information,
  • provide all information currently in your possession, and 
  • make the disclosure to someone you reasonably believe is a proper authority to receive the disclosure.

Deliberately providing false or misleading information is an offence and may incur penalties.

For further information regarding PIDS refer to Council’s policy and procedures below:

And the Queensland Ombudsman Factsheets to the right of this page.

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