Current Vacancies


​​​​​​Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

Working at Council is both challenging and rewarding, whether you are starting a career or looking to enhance your existing experience and skills. It provides you with opportunities to expand your knowledge, skills and abilities within your chosen career while meeting a range of interesting and friendly people.

We are committed to training an​​​​​​d developing staff at all levels of Council and encourage our employees to embrace all training opportunities made available to them.

We look forward to welcoming you int​​​​​o our fr​ie​ndly and professional work environment.

Curre​​​​​nt Vacancies

New vacancies are regularly posted on our website, so be sure to visit on a regular basis if you are interested in employment at Council.

To view ​Lockyer Valley Regional Council's current vacant positions and submit applications please follow the below link to our Recruitment Portal.

Click to View Council's Recruitment Portal

By using the Ci Anywhere Recruitment Portal, you agree to our Portal Terms & Conditions and consent to our use of your personal information in accordance with our Portal Privacy Notice.

For any enquiries please contact Council's Organisational Development unit on (07) 5466 3555 or alternatively email us at

Important Tips on Submitting an Application

As mentioned above applications can be submitted through our Recruitment Portal. Simply open the Available Jobs and click 'Apply'.

Upon submitting an application you will be sent a series of emails from Council. One email will be to confirm your identity and another email will be to create your recruitment account. When you receive the registration email to create your account you will have the option to setup a password. Both of these emails must be addressed to successfully to submit your application. If these actions are not completed your application will not be accepted.

Once you have created a recruitment account with LVRC after the first time you submit an application you will not need to do this again. Upon opening Council's Recruitment Portal you would simply 'Log On' and the system will then recognise you as a previous applicant. As such you will not be sent an email to register your account but you will still receive an email confirm your identity to confirm your application.

Should you experience any issues submitting your application or you do not receive the above mentioned emails please contact Organisational Development on (07) 5466 3555.

For further information on submitting an application please view the 'How to apply' page.

Other Current Vacancies through an External Recruitment Agency

Council currently has a number of positions advertised through through recruitment agency Leading Roles.

Please follow the below links to the advertisements on Leading Roles website.

Any enquiries or applications for these vacant positions must be lodged directly with Leading Roles, not Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

Please refer to the above link/s for more information on the vacant position and also contact details for Leading Roles.

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