Employee Benefits

Flexible Work Arrangements

Depending on the requirements of the position, Lockyer Valley Regional Council offers a variety of flexible working arrangements, including:

  • Full time, part time, maximum term and casual positions;
  • Nine day fortnight for office based employees; and
  • Four day week for field based employees working from 6:30am to 4:30pm.


While the Lockyer Valley Regional Council is extremely competitive when it comes to remuneration, we further reward our employees with:

  • Up to 12% employer superannuation contributions;
  • The ability to salary sacrifice superannuation contributions;
  • Salary packaging (i.e. Novated leases for vehicles); and
  • Payment of applicable allowances (i.e. on call allowance).

Leave Entitlements

There is a variety of leave entitlements available to employees, including:

  • Annual leave;
  • Personal/Carer’s leave;
  • Long service leave;
  • Public holidays;
  • Bereavement leave;
  • Leave without pay;
  • Maternity/Paternity leave;
  • Jury duty leave; and
  • Volunteer emergency service leave.

In addition to the above, long serving employees are also formally recognised at special functions for their loyalty and commitment to Council and the community.

Learning & Development

To enable employees to operate at their optimum performance level and to meet business objectives, a proactive approach is taken to prioritise the development of a skilled and engaged workforce by providing employees with opportunities to engage in training, education and career/professional development opportunities including:

  • On the Job Training – specialised technical skills, self-development and nationally recognised qualifications;
  • Ongoing development and improvement of career related programs/initiatives;
  • External Training, Conferences and Seminars;
  • Education and Training Assistance;Work Experience Programs for people undertaking studies at Schools, TAFE or University; and
  • Apprenticeships, Traineeships and Cadetships.

Other Benefits

In addition to the already listed employee benefits, Lockyer Valley Regional Council also provides:

  • An employee assistance program for both employees and their immediate family;
  • The provision of corporate uniforms;
  • Vaccinations depending on position requirements; and
  • One competitively costed and Council owned and operated Childcare Centre.

Health & Wellbeing Initiatives

Lockyer Valley Regional Council takes the health and wellbeing of employees seriously, and has an established Wellbeing Committee, who organises a variety of health and wellbeing initiatives throughout the year. These initiatives include:

  • Fitness Initiatives;
  • Workstation Assessments on request;
  • BUPA Onsite Consultations;
  • Flu Vaccination Program; and
  • Mental Health Awareness Initiatives.

In addition to the above, the Wellbeing Committee also undertake fundraising initiatives within the workforce for a variety of events.

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