Grants and Assistance

​​​Council provides the community with assistance in the form of grants, donations, fee waivers and in-kind assistance programs. These programs are reviewed annually and provided for in the budget.

Funding and assistance is made available by Council to build community capacity and/or provide supplementary funding to assist with social, cultural, recreational and environmental outcomes. These outcomes in turn contribute to the development of inclusive and sustainable practices of community groups throughout the Lockyer Valley. ​

There are 12 categories under which funding and assistance can be sorted. These categories have been established to ensure organisations and individuals are seeking funding from the category appropriate to their project or activity. This allows Council to provide funding and assistance to projects within budget constraints and ensures that the appropriate process is being followed.

The following categories of funding and assistance are available:

  • Community Grants Program
  • Mayoral Donations
  • Ambassador Support and School Dux Bursary
  • Regional Significant Events
  • ​Event Assistance
  • Waivers/Reduction of Fees
  • Rate Rebates and Remissions
  • School Chaplaincies
  • Public Halls Assistance
  • Anzac Day Remembrance
  • Community Environment Grant 
  • Community Sporting Complex

Grant Writing Workshops

In recognition of the critical roles that every community group plays to keep our region vibrant and alive, Lockyer Valley Regional Council is pleased to provide this opportunity to local community groups. The training will assist local community groups and committees to develop and strengthen skills, and access to funding available through grants.

There are no workshops currently scheduled.

Policy and Procedure 

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