Budget 2018-19

​​​Budget surplus delivered for Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Lockyer Valley Regional Council's 2018/19 Budget is one focused on securing the long-term financial sustainability of the region.

In a snapshot, the budget provides for $57.56 million in operating revenue and $55.49 million in expenditure, giving Council a predicted operating surplus of $2.07 million for the year.

In today's Special Meeting of Council, Mayor Tanya Milligan said she was proud to hand down another responsible Budget.  

"The 2018/19 Budget cements our back-to-basics approach and continues our focus on responsible spending. We have to plan for the region's long-term future.

"Debt reduction will continue to be a focus. Later this month we will be able to pay down an additional $5 million in debt and we will continue to aim to do so at an accelerated rate.

"We have considered a number of rate models and, as a result, we have been able to keep the general rate increase to 2.5% for residential properties, which for 86 per cent of all residents, is an increase of less than $50 a year," Mayor Milligan said.

The general rate on farms will rise by between 3.5% and 6.5% per cent, which for most farms will mean an increase of just under $120 for the year.

Council is supporting small businesses within the region with no increase in the general rates for the 193 businesses in Commercial Category 1. The other Commercial Categories have increased by 2.5%. 

The Emergency Preparedness Levy has remained the same, as have the Resilient Rivers and Rural Fire Service Levies. The Domestic Waste (Bin) Collection Levy has increased by $11 per annum, in line with contract cost increases, and the Waste Management Levy by $4 per annum.

The Environment Levy has increased to $16 per year for the 2018/19 Financial Year, which will partially fund Council's environmental initiatives including Pest Management.

Council has retained its rating concessions for pensioners and for ratepayers who pay their General Rates and Waste and Recycling Collection Charges in full by the due date.

Mayor Milligan said the 2018/19 Budget demonstrated Councillors' ability to both work cohesively and listen to community expectations.

"I believe this is another responsible budget that ensures we protect and maintain the assets we currently have while continuing to pay down debt to secure the future of our region.​

"Collectively, each and every Councillor has worked to ensure the region is set to flourish and prosper, and I am confident this budget allows that to happen.

"This budget will deliver $20.11 million in capital works projects including $10.52 million on roads, drainage and bridges, $600,000 on upgrading parks and $1.86 million on maintaining and upgrading our current facilities," she said.

As well as its capital budget, during the 2018/19 year Council will spend:

• $2.39 million on maintaining parks and gardens

• $7.29 million on road-related programs

• $800,000 on community grants, in-kind support and donations to sporting and other not-for-profit groups and community events.

"I would like to thank my fellow Councillors, the Executive Leadership Team and Council staff for their role in building the strong foundations for a bright future for the Lockyer Valley," Mayor Milligan said.​

For further information, visit the Budget Information​ webpage or contact Council on 1300 005 872

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