Budget delivers no rate increase on general rates, levies



​Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s 2020/21 Budget is focused on delivering a balanced approach between Council’s financial sustainability and community expectations.

In a snapshot, the 2020/2021 Budget provides an operating revenue of $58.80M and $56.74M in operating expenditure, giving Council a predicted operating surplus of $2.06M for the year.

When handing down the Budget today, Lockyer Valley Mayor Cr Tanya Milligan said it would ensure Council cemented its long-term financial sustainability.
“The 2020/21 Budget​ is focused on responsibility – both for now and into the future.
“Councillors aimed for a zero-per cent rate rise and have delivered on that, despite the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic.
“Our core services have remained central. It’s about being responsible and accountable, while planning for the future,” she said.
Mayor Milligan said the fact Council has delivered no rate increase on general rates, and no increase on levies was a huge win for ratepayers of the Lockyer Valley.
“This is a hard time for so many in our region and to be able to deliver no rate increase on general rates to our residents is a huge win for our community and is something we are proud to be able to deliver as a Council.”
Mayor Milligan said Council would pay down another $1.59M in debt, reducing the outstanding debt to $19.94M.
“This Budget will further deliver a $19.2M Capital Program, including $1.6M earmarked to commence Stage 1 of the highly anticipated Fairways Park in the Hatton Vale-Kensington Grove area, which is possible thanks to funding assistance from the Australian Government.
“This is the first completely new regional-level park in many years, and the first time we’ve engaged the community in the design process.
“We have also set aside $830,000 for the detailed business case and lobbying to bring new water into the Lockyer Valley.
“The long-term future and success of our horticultural sector, and the employment it creates, is dependent on the availability of water,” Mayor Milligan said.
Council has retained its rating concessions for pensioners and for ratepayers who pay their General Rates and Waste and Recycling Charges in full by the due date. The Emergency Preparedness Levy has remained the same, as has the Resilient Rivers Levy and Environment Levy. Waste Collection Charges and Waste Management Charges also remain unchanged.
“I believe this is a very fiscally responsible budget that ensures we protect and maintain the assets we currently have while continuing to pay down debt to future-proof our region.
“I would like to thank my fellow Councillors, the Executive Leadership Team and Council staff for their roles in building the strong foundations for a bright future for the Lockyer Valley,” Mayor Milligan said.

View 2020 - 2021 Budget Information here.
Page reviewed: 15 Jul 2020 2:39pm