Council’s 20-21 Reseal Program delivers


Lockyer Valley Regional Council's 20-21 Reseal Program delivered forty-two resealed roads for residents throughout the Lockyer Valley Regional Council area.

With a budget of $1.5M, the program came in $250,000 under expectation and covered a total area of 220,000 m2 throughout the Lockyer Valley.

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Infrastructure Portfolio Councillor Janice Holstein said crews sprayed 440,000L of bitumen over 37.5km of road network.

"Over time, cracks start to form in the seal of a road, which allows water to seep into the road pavement and causes potholes and soft spots to form in the road.

"Resealing is the best way to maintain the life of the road surface and is a fraction of the cost of full reconstruction or asphalt overlays.

"It not only allows the surface to be waterproofed, but protects the underlying pavement from deterioration, seals cracks and imperfections and extends the pavement life.

"If we take the time to protect our road network today, which is one of our greatest assets, it will save a lot of time and money in the years to come," Cr Holstein said.

The reseal program was delivered by Council staff and covered sections of roads in 42 individual locations across the region.

For further information, contact Council on 1300 005 872 or visit​.​

Page reviewed: 15 Jan 2021 5:37pm