Council supports crack-down on illegal workers

​Lockyer Valley Regional Council has added its support for the recent investigations and enforcement actions against illegal workers in the Lockyer Valley by the Australian Government's Border Force. 

Mayor Tanya Milligan said that it was unfortunate that the Lockyer Valley has attracted an undesirable element that thinks it's okay to breach labour hire and visa regulations.

"I'm glad that dodgy contractors have been found out because we certainly don't want them in our community, we don't want them operating in our region.

"All too often we at Council hear about breaches of regulations regarding people overstaying or working illegally against their visa conditions.

"I would certainly be hoping that our community becomes very vigilant. If something suspicious is happening next door, or if people have questions they want to ask, they need to be raising them with authorities. 

"My message is, we don't want them here! I want to encourage the community to speak up if there is something not right. 

Anyone who suspects illegal labour hire or employment conditions, or the mistreatment of workers is encouraged to contact Border Force on 1800 009 623​​ or visit their website

Page reviewed: 06 Dec 2017 7:59pm