High-profile leader to advocate for water security


A high-profile leader is set to take over the reins of the Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water Collaborative as the project gears up a notch.

In a bid to reach the finish line and drought proof the regions that feed our nation– former Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk has today been appointed as the new Collaborative Chair.

Humbled by the appointment, Quirk said he was thrilled to be advocating for the region's water security and would continue with the momentum Stephen Robertson had fought hard to get moving.

"I'm very excited to be joining the team at such a crucial time and am confident Stephen's dedication to the role over the past two and a half years has the project well positioned for success," Mr Quirk said.

"The Water for the Lockyer project is a visionary initiative that will secure the farming future of the nation and I hope to play a key role in sealing the deal."

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Mayor, Cr Tanya Milligan said The Water for the Lockyer project is a visionary initiative that will secure the farming future of the nation, tipping her hat to the immeasurable contribution Mr Robertson had made in his time as Chair.

"Stephen's clear vision coupled with his strong leadership skills has seen the project come along in leaps and bounds and has put us in good stead to secure water supplies for our regions," Mayor Milligan said.

"He has been a key driver in advocacy and stakeholder engagement, leaving behind a huge footprint and big shoes to fill.

"While his expertise, wisdom and mateship will be sorely missed, I am confident our new Chair, Graham Quirk, will make a seamless transition into the chairperson role."

Mr Robertson was a driving force in delivering the Detailed Business Case to the State Government. He noted on his departure it was becoming increasingly difficult to commit the time needed to complete the project.

Somerset Regional Council Mayor, Cr Graeme Lehmann said the farming community was excited by the prospects of the new appointment.

"Graham Quirk has a wealth of experience working with all tiers of government and I am confident his high-level expertise will allow us to open new doors and reach the finish line," Mayor Lehmann said.

"He has well-rounded understanding of the vital infrastructure rural communities like ours needs to be sustainable long term and will be a staunch asset to the collaborative."

For more information about the status of the Lockyer Valley and Somerset Water Collaborative Detailed Business Case visit www.lvandswatercollaborative.com.au.

Page reviewed: 21 Apr 2021 1:47pm