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The closing date for submissions for the Helidon to Calvert section has been extended until 5pm Monday 26 June 2017.


Lockyer Valley Mayor, Cr Tanya Milligan, said Council has been lobbying the Australian Rail Track
Corporation (ARTC) for the past few years to ensure the community benefits from the project, but time is running out for the community to be heard."

"The reality is that Inland Rail was coming through the Lockyer Valley whether we wanted it to or not, which is why it was so vitally important Council lobbied the ARTC for some big ticket community projects
including hopefully the inclusion of a local passenger rail service, and while we have done that and will
continue to lobby, the time has come for the community to also directly be heard before submissions close."

"It’s important to remember that Inland Rail is solely freight haulage, it has nothing to do with a passenger service which is why as a Council we are working so hard to try and ensure we can have a local passenger service included as a sweetneer for the region."

"Inland Rail will see containers stacked two high travel between Brisbane and Melbourne on trains as long as 3.8 kilometres,"

"Decisions on this project are being made by people who live hundreds and in some cases even thousands of kilometres away but as Councillors, we are looking at the project from a human aspect. After all not only do we live here, but so do our kids and grandkids and we want to see a bright future for everyone."

"The Office of the Coordinator-General has issued its Draft Terms of Reference for the Environmental Impact Statement or put very simply, it’s the conditions the government puts on the project to ensure it meets certain conditions, much like the conditions you need to meet in order to build a house."
"This submission opportunity is the last chance for both Council and the community to try and have some of its concerns and issues listed as conditions ARTC need to meet for the project to get the green light."

"For example, Council has serious concerns about the impact the project could have on flooding in the region so we are putting into our submission that we want one of the conditions of the EIS to be that ARTC must undertake extensive flood modelling to give an iron clad guarantee that the new line, which in some cases could be as high as 8 metres off the ground, will not lead to flooding in the region."

"We have concerns about the impact the project will have on tourism, transport logistics, on the future of townships such as Forest Hill and whether or not the height of the line will have a negative impact on our agricultural production."

"All these things we want ARTC to address as part of the EIS before the first sod of soil is even considered being dug."

"While this is the last opportunity to try and ensure our concerns are met, there is a strict process that needs to be followed in order for the submissions to be taken seriously."

"I would urge all community groups and residents to contact ARTC and get the guideline on how to put together a submission and then put pen to paper and join Council in protecting the Lockyer Valley for not only this generation, but for generations to come."

Further enquiries

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