Resident Herbicide Subsidy Scheme

23/11/2018 12:00 a.m.

The Resident Herbicide Subsidy Scheme provides assistance to residents to identify, attack and prevent invasive restricted matter. ​

Invasive weed infestations can spread and cause environmental and economic impacts to the region by loss in productive horticultural and pastoral land and often cause toxicity and even death in livestock.

How to access the herbicide subsidy scheme

Applicable weeds under the subsidy scheme include: Giant Rat’s Tail grass, Honey Locust, Fireweed, Parthenium weed, Annual Ragweed, Groundsel Bush, African Boxthorn, Mother of Millions, Harrisia Cactus, Salvinia, Water Hyacinth and Water Lettuce. 

If you are aware of any of the above species of weeds on your property, or would like help in identifying them, Council’s Pest Management officers can help.
To access a suitable herbicide at a subsidised rate, contact Council and an officer will complete a Property Pest Management Plan with you. Once completed, a voucher will be issued for an appropriate herbicide. Simply take the voucher to any of the participating outlets to purchase the chemical at the 50 per cent reduced rate.

Council has spray equipment available for hire for landholders, to assist in the treatment of pest weeds on their property. The equipment includes four trailer mounted twin reel 600L Quik-spray units, two 200L skid frame sprayers, a trailer mounted 400L boom-sprayer with single reel Quik-spray unit and numerous 20L back-pack sprayers. An application and small refundable bond is required.

Community Trap Hire ​

Council also has a range of traps available to assist landholders who have a problem with feral animals. If you have an issue with feral animals, please contact Council’s Pest Management Team to determine the best course of action.  Council has a Feral Trap Hire Form available at its Gatton and Laidley offices. A refundable bond is required when booking a trap. 

Contact Council’s Environment and Pest Team on 1300 005 872 or visit for more information. 
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