Waste changes on the way for some residents

30/07/2018 12:00 a.m.

​​Waste collection day and recycle week changes on the way for some areas of the Lockyer Valley ​

A number of residents throughout the Lockyer Valley will soon have a different bin collection day.

To accommodate growth and streamline services, Lockyer Valley Regional Council has approved some changes in the region. 

Waste Management Portfolio Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Cr Jason Cook said the first of the changes would come into effect from late next month. 

“The changes Council has approved will better manage waste and recycle compaction levels to accommodate the growth of the region.

“Households directly impacted will be notified of the specific changes via letterbox drop commencing now. The changes will impact both waste and recycling collection runs in the areas listed,” Cr Cook said. 

Changes effective as of Friday 31 August 2018

Day/week change from Wednesday week 1 to Friday week 2​
  • Jahn Drive, Glenore Grove
  • Raymont Drive S, Glenore Grove
Changes effective as of Wednesday 5 September 2018

Day/week change from Thursday week 2 to Wednesday week 1​
  • Bertrand Avenue, Regency Downs
  • Redwood Drive, Brightview
  • Wintersun Court, Brightview
  • Tallowood Court, Brightview
  • Brightview Road, Brightview
  • From Village to old Brightview Road
  • Johnson Drive, Brightview
  • Old Brightview Road, Brightview
  • Silverbank Court, Brightview

Changes effective as of Wednesday 5 September 2018

Recycle week change week 2 to week 1​
  • Wagtail Drive, Regency Downs (from Rosella travelling north)
  • Swan Road, Regency Downs
  • Cockatoo Court, Regency Downs  
  • Kookaburra Court, Regency Downs  
  • Rosella Avenue, Regency Downs (odd only)
  • Staatz Quarry Road, Regency Downs (from 24 travelling north)
  • Burchmann Road, Regency Downs  
  • Brightview Avenue, Regency Downs (from 29 to 66)
  • Rosalind Court, Regency Downs  
  • Primrose Place, Regency Downs  
  • Calendula Court, Regency Downs  
  • Thredbo Court, Regency Downs  
  • Cricket Road, Regency Downs   
  • Aspen Court, Regency Downs
  • Bentley Drive, Regency Downs  
  • Sandpiper Drive, Regency Downs  
  • Magpie Avenue, Regency Downs  
  • Kingfisher Court, Regency Downs  
  • Finch Court, Regency Downs   
  • Village Rd, Lockrose
  • Zabel Rd, Lockrose
  • Hermy Rd, Lockrose
  • Caleys ct, Lockrose
  • Dawn Ct, Lockrose
  • Dusky Dr, Lockrose
  • Fritz Rd, Lockrose
  • Zernike Rd, Lockrose
  • Seibel Rd, Lockrose
  • Lockrose Rd, Lockrose
  • Neithe Rd, Lockrose
  • Corcet Rd, Lockrose
Please refer to your recycle collection calendar for the change of week. 

Cr Cook also encouraged residents to ensure their bins are placed out before 6am on collection day, as run times may also be effected. 

“We understand the changes may cause some initial inconvenience and Council appreciates everyone’s assistance and co-operation during the change-over period,” Cr Cook said. 

For more information or to review the recycle calendar, please visit www.lockyervalley.qld.gov.au or contact Council on 1300 005 872. 

Page reviewed: 08 Aug 2018 1:06pm