Employee Code of Conduct

​Employee Code of Conduct

The Lockyer Valley Regional Council’s Employee Code of Conduct sets out the acceptable standard of conduct and workplace behaviour required of employees.

All Council employees (regardless of their employment status, role or position), contractors and volunteers must be familiar with and follow the spirit and content of the Employee Code of Conduct.

Ethical Principles, Values and Conduct

The Employee Code of Conduct covers the following ethical principles, values and conduct:

1. Integrity and Impartiality

  • Conflict of Interest
  • Procedural Fairness or Natural Justice when making decisions
  • Accepting Gifts and Benefits
  • Employment Outside Council
  • Public Comments on Council Business
  • Advice and Information Provided to Councillors
  • External Activities
  • Behaviour Towards Each Other
  • Non-Discriminatory Workplace
  • Sexual and Other Forms for Workplace Harassment

2. Promoting the Public Good

  • Customer Service
  • Fairness to Suppliers
  • Public Money
  • Intellectual Property
  • Concern for the Environment

3. Commitment to the System of Government

  • Acting within the Law
  • Acting in Accordance with Delegations and Signing Documents on Behalf of Council
  • Raising Concerns
  • Fraud and Corruption
  • Information Privacy

4. Accountability and Transparency

  • Using Council Assets
  • Diligence, Care and Attention
  • Attendance at and Absence from Duty
  • Self-Development
  • Work Health and Safety
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