Laidley Flood Mitigation

Project works - Completion of current stage

As you may be aware, Lockyer Valley Regional Council has been constructing flood mitigation works from the Pike Street railway bridge to the end of the channel at Stanford Place over the past several months, these works being a much larger drain and a small levee bank. In addition, some de-silting works were carried out in the main drain between the swimming pool and the railway bridge.

The construction part of this project is now complete and the remaining minor landscape works will be done soon. Council would like to thank you for your understanding and patience during these important works, which form part of the overall Laidley Flood Mitigation Plan.

An important aspect of the journey for this project was the tremendous feedback received from our community, and in particular, from the drop-in information evening in January 2017 at the Laidley Sports Complex. Council certainly appreciates the input received as it made for an improved project outcome. While not all feedback could be incorporated due to the complexities and risks associated with flood mitigation works, all feedback was considered by the project team.

The next planned stages of works in order to improve Laidley's flood resilience are the upgrades of the Patrick Street bridge and Whites Road culverts, which are assets owned by the Department of Transport and Main Roads. Council will continue to work closely with the Department to ensure these upgrades are considered in future State budgets, because upgrades to these two assets are needed before other works will be effective.

Norman Bridge/Patrick Street to Stanford Place - Status Update 

The contract for the earthworks was awarded to SEDL Earthmoving Pty Ltd (SEDL) following the tender process. 

In addition to the reshaping and levee works from the Pike Street railway bridge to the gabions at the north end of the channel, there will be some channel desilting​​​ works undertaken upstream from the Pike Street railway bridge through to Norman Bridge on Patrick Street near the swimming pool.


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Lockyer Valley Regional Council's Infrastructure Portfolio Councillor Janice Holstein said the project was designed to improve the flood resilience of the town.

"It will also decrease the number of homes experiencing inundation in the northern area of the Laidley township in flood events, which is good news for Laidley, especially for the businesses and residents who have been flooded several times since 2010.

"The project will see an increase in the capacity of the channel which runs just to the west of the CBD from Whites Road north to Stanford Place, opposite Laidley District State School.

"Laidley is a vital part of our region so to capitalise on funding opportunities and improve flood resilience is very important," Cr Holstein said.

The project will require the removal of more than 21,000 cubic metres of soil and will require around 800 'truck and dog' loads through the CBD.

"Unfortunately there are no viable route alternatives and we appreciate the community's understanding as we undertake these works prior to the summer wet season.

"Council and the contractor will be mindful of school drop-off and pick-up times, as well as other events held in the main street, such as the Friday 'Make it, Bake it, Grow it' Markets when scheduling, and will minimise disruption as much as possible whilst maintaining project schedules," Cr Holstein said.

Earthworks will include the construction of a low levee to help keep flood water in the channel as much as possible. Works will commence with the de-silting of the main drain between Patrick Street bridge and Pike Street, and the channel widening and levee construction from Pike Street to Stanford Place will follow.

SEDL Earthmoving Pty Ltd were awarded the $1.15 million contract and bring with them proven experience from projects including the Moonie Pipeline, Brisbane Airport earthworks and foundation preparation, and a helicopter facility at Oakey Army Aviation Base.

The project is jointly funded by Lockyer Valley Regional Council and the State Government, through the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.

Channel Design cross sections

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