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List of Open Tenders​

EOI for Authorised Use of Transportable Amenity Buildings and Associated Ramps and Landings

​​​Open: 24 January 2019            Close: 21 February 2019

The relevant documents are now available via VendorPanel Tenders quick link .

Local Buy’s tender for Roads, Water & Sewage (Civil Construction) BUS270 will be advertised in the Courier Mail and LG Tenderbox this Saturday 9th February 2019.

The new arrangement’s working title is BUS270 Roads, Water and Sewage (Civil Construction). 

This new arrangement now has Nine categories, as follows:

Category 1 – Roads

Category 2 – Road Resurfacing

Category 3 – Guardrail and Road Safety Barriers

Category 4 – Line Marking

Category 5 – Traffic Management Services

Category 6 – Pipework Installation

Category 7 – Pipe Relining & Rehabilitation

Category 8 – Water & Sewerage Treatment

Category 9 – Marine

For any questions regarding this tender please contact Pat McCormack the Local Buy, Contract Manager for Works on:

Mobile - 0447 083 438   Telephone - 07 3000 2135
Email - pmccormack@localbuy.net.au


​List of Upcoming Events, Training, or Information Sessions

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​​​Council General Conditions of Offer & General Conditions of Contract

Please follow the links below to view the general conditions:

Individual contracts of over $200,000 or more

A local government must, as soon as practicable after entering into a contractual arrangement worth $200,000 or more (exclusive of GST)—

  •  Publish the relevant details of the contractual arrangement on the local government's website; an
    • display the relevant details of the contractual arrangement in a conspicuous place in the local government's public office
    • the relevant details must be published or displayed under subsection (1) for a period of at least 12 months
  • In this section—relevant details, of a contractual arrangement, means the following—
    • the person with whom the local government has entered into the contractual arrangement
    • the value of the contractual arrangement;the purpose of the contractual arrangement
  • LVRC Tenders & Quotes 2017-201​8

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