​​​​​​​​​​Tender Information and Submission 

All documentation for Tenders, Request for Quotes or Expressions of Interest are available from:

To ensure accuracy and efficiency, please have the reference number wit​h your request.

All submissions for Tenders, Request for Quotes or Expressions of Interest should be submitted via:

as detailed within the documentation.  ​​​

List of Open Tenders​

​​​LVRC-18-05 - Telecommunications (LVRC007876)

The above request for tender will be available for downloading through LGTenderbox from 09 August 2018 at 9:30am and will be closing on 6 September 2018 at 2pm.

​If you require further assistance, please email tenders@lvrc.qld.gov.au  

​​Notices of Other Open Tender Information​​

Local Buy Panel Arrangement - Tender for Specialised Trucks & Bodies which was has been released. This is a National Procurement Network Contract (NPN) which covers the entire country. This is refresh, meaning current suppliers on the arrangement do not need to respond. New suppliers are welcome to respond to the tender.

This pre-qualified supplier arrangement covers the following items:

  • Refuse/Compactor Trucks                                        Street Sweepers/Cleaning Vehicles
  • Road Maintenance Units                                          Truck Bodies
  • Trailers                                                                       Light Commercial (Utility) Bodies
  • Truck Mounted Cranes                                              Elevated Work Platforms
  • Commercial Van Fit-Outs                                          Wheelchair Conversions to Vehicles
  • Mobile Libraries                                                         Construction Site Caravans
  • Other Vehicle Conversions

Tender documentation can be downloaded online.

​List of Upcoming Events, Training, or Information Sessions

​​​​​No up coming events for August 2018

​​​Council General Conditions of Offer & General Conditions of Contract

Please follow the links below to view the general conditions:

Individual contracts of over $200,000 or more

A local government must, as soon as practicable after entering into a contractual arrangement worth $200,000 or more (exclusive of GST)—

(a) publish the relevant details of the contractual arrangement on the local government's website; and

(b) display the relevant details of the contractual arrangement in a conspicuous place in the local government's public office.

(2) The relevant details must be published or displayed under subsection (1) for a period of at least 12 months.

(3) In this section—relevant details, of a contractual arrangement, means the following—

(a) the person with whom the local government has entered into the contractual arrangement;

(b) the value of the contractual arrangement;

(c) the purpose of the contractual arrangement.

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