Livestock Farming Drought Support Forum

​​​​Forum date and time

Livestock* Farming Drought Support Forum
Sunday 22 September, 1pm – 3.30pm  (FREE BBQ from 12.30pm)
Lockyer Valley Cultural Centre

This is an opportunity for local livestock farmers to work together on identifying meaningful drought support options for the next 3-6 months and beyond. 


Council invites local drought-affected livestock farmers to this workshop-style forum to:
  • Quantify the current impacts of drought on local livestock farmers
  • Identify and develop a range of practical ideas and meaningful support options
  • Discuss the implications of delivering/not delivering different support options
  • Identify who might be involved in and/or responsible for each item
  • Discuss how information on support can best be distributed to those who most need it

Workshop Format

Participants will be seated around tables, with each table 'hosted' by a Council officer who will act as facilitator and note-taker. Each table will work through a series of questions and provide some collective responses which will be reported back to the room at various intervals. 

​Guest Speaker

Warren Davies, also known as The Unbreakable Farmer, will be a guest speaker at the Forum and will share his personal experiences as a farmer in the Millennium Drought and the strategies he has learned and applied. 

Areas of Focus

Below is a sample of possible questions that may be discussed in the forum workshops:
  • How dire is the current drought situation for your livestock business right now? (quantify by non-drought stock capacity, current stock numbers, 6-month outlook, etc)
  • If the drought doesn't break in the next 6 months, what types of support and responses from all levels of government will be most needed, within their capacity to deliver?
  • Have you, or any Lockyer Valley livestock farmer you know of, (a) applied for, and (b) received assistance from a program such as Rural Aid Australia's Buy-a Bale, GIVIT, Drought Angels, Salvo's Drought Appeal, CWA's Help Aussie Farmers, other?  
  • What social and wellbeing support services, programs and opportunities in the Lockyer Valley are you currently aware of?
  • What informal social supports could be either put in place or better promoted to assure farming families that they are not alone and forgotten? (eg, local social events at community halls, shed men, etc)
  • How well does the local community understand the level of impact livestock farmers are facing from the drought?
  • What can be done to improve community awareness – both locally and beyond?
  • If the drought doesn't break in the next 12-18 months what types of support and responses from all levels of government will be most needed, within their capacity to deliver?
  • What support would you like to see directly from Council?
    • What might be some of the implications of that support (eg, drought levy, reduction in other services to the rest of the community, etc)
  • If another round of Commonwealth Drought Communities Programme funding became available to Council under the same Guidelines (eg, for community infrastructure and events but not direct support of farmers), what projects would you suggest and support?
  • Develop an action plan for short-, mid- and long-term responses including a 'wish list' should further funding become available

Register Now​ 

  • This workshop is intended for local livestock farmers who are affected by drought
  • * Livestock farming does not need to be your only type of farming and includes a wide range of animals such as, but not limited to: cattle, sheep, goats and horses. If you have stock affected by drought, please attend this forum. 
  • Ideally, forum participants will provide a good cross-section from the region including locality, type of ​livestock farm, capacity of farm, distance from bulk water supplies, current degree of drought impact, etc
  • For seating and catering purposes, participants are requested to register their intention to attend
  • RSVP by COB Wednesday 18 September

How to Register

No media allowed in the forum.​ 

Crop Farmers

A similar forum for crop farmers may be held in the future. 
At this time, we are focusing on a specific sector (livestock farming) so that we can best identify their issues and responses​. To indicate your interest in a similar forum for crop farmers please email or call 07 5462 0647.

Existing and Urgent Support Options​

To find contacts for existing support programs go to Council's Drought Support webpage.

More Information  

For more information contact Council's Community Engagement Team on 1300 005 872 or Email 

Download the Information Sheet here​. 

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