Starting a Business

​Council is well placed to assist you in starting a new business in the Lockyer Valley.

The dedicated team combine knowledge of government requirements with business experience to:

    • Provide trusted resources and tools to help you as you get started;
    • Share local knowledge about vacant commercial property or potential sites;
    • Linking you to local suppliers and markets;  and
    • Provide introductions into local business networks.

Get in touch with economic development by phone 1300 00 5872 or email

Planning a new business

A business plan can be a key to success in starting or growing a business.  It will clearly communicate your vision to others.  It helps you to concentrate your efforts on the important jobs and minimise your costs.  If you are seeking finance, it is vital to help you show banks or investors why they should back your business venture.

There are lots of free business planning tools and resources available.  We recommend you check out the ones from the Queensland Government Business Portal or the Australian Government Business Portal.

​Market Research

Council knows how important reliable local data and statistics are for evidence-based decision-making. Council provides free, user friendly online access to ID Profile localised economic and demographic tools that allow you to do local market research.

  • Community profiles to understand our local community and how the region is changing
  • Social Atlas with thematic maps that show where people live and what they do
  • Economic profiles to understand our local economy and our local jobs and workforce

The team will spend time with you, on the phone or in person, to demonstrate and explain how to use the ID Profile tools and resources to find what you need.

Do you need approval from Council?

It's often complicated to know which approvals and licences you need to start your business and from which government department (Local, State or Federal) you apply to.

The team will help you find the information about approval or licences you may need for your new businesses.

If you need Council approval, the team can introduce you to the colleague best placed to assist you through the approval process. ​

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