Breeding dogs

​​New laws introduced by the Queensland Government aim to promote the responsible breeding of dogs.

The laws apply only to dogs born on or after 26 May 2017. Dogs born before this date are not impacted.

The laws require all persons giving away, supplying, selling or advertising dogs or puppies to have a unique identifying number (a Supply Number) that identifies the registered Breeder of that dog.

The Supply Number must also be included in the dog’s microchip information. It will identify all dogs and puppies from that Breeder and provides lifetime traceability back to the origin of the dog.

The Queensland Government website provides more information about dog breeder regulations.


    • Who must register?
    • Who may have a Breeder exemption?
    • How do I register?
    • What happens after I register?
  • Breeding working dogs in Queensland
    • Do working dog breeders need to register?
    • What is a working dog?
    • Are pig-dogs considered to be a ‘working dog’?
  • Buying or getting a dog in Queensland
    • What is a Supply Number?
    • What must I do when I purchase or obtain a dog?
  • Supplying dogs in Queensland
    • Can I still sell my puppies online, privately or through a pet shop?
    • Can I give away, supply, sell or advertise my dog or puppies if I’m not registered?
    • What if I have a dog I did not breed and I want to give it to another person?
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