Cost to release stock

​Stock release

Type ​Fees
​Horse (other than stallions)​$155
​Cattle (other than bulls)​$155
​Sheep, goats & swine​$44

Transport fees

​Type ​Fees
​Horse & cattle​$150 - minimum charge (per load)
​Sheep, goats & swine​$77 - minimum charge (per load)
​Transport by private carrier​At cost

NLIS tagging (National Livestock Identification Scheme)

​NLIS Tag and Administration Fee per animal$67

​After-hours fee - stock

  • ​​In addition to other applicable fees

Daily maintenance fee (care & upkeep of impounded stock)

​Horse & cattle​$40
​Sheep, goats & swine​$20

​​​​​Advertising impounding notice

At cost

Hand-fed animals

  • Where animals are hand-fed, fees of hand-feeding will be added to the above fees.
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