Inspections and Exemptions

​Booking an Inspection

Inspections for Council approved building work can be arranged by contacting Council on (07) 5462 0344 during business hours. Please allow 48 hours' notice.


Some minor buildings are considered self assessable development and don't need building approval if they comply with the relevant building and planning codes and regulations.

For example, a shed (Class 10 building) is self assessable if it is:

  • No more than 10m2,
  • No more than 2.4m high,
  • Has a mean height of no more than 2.1m above natural ground level,
  • No longer than 5m on any side,
  • Located to comply with the QDC MP1.1 or MP1.2 setbacks, and
  • Not located over or near a sewer main or manhole.

Please note that most farm buildings will require a building approval.  The only exceptions are small class 10 (private garage or the like) that are located on land used for agricultural, floricultural, horticultural or pastoral purposes; and no part of the class 10 is within 200m of a road or a boundary of the land on which the class 10 is situated and the class 10 does not form part of a swimming pool or its fence.  Intensive horticultural buildings (growhouses/greenhouses) will require a building approval even if they are not roofed or walled.

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