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Council's new online consultation platform​ is about to launch and will host a range of opportunities for the local community to have their say. 

Some sections will require registration to ensure we are hearing from people with a genuine stake in local initiatives, while other sections will be open for anyone to respond to. 

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​​​​​Current projects seeking community input/comment:

How to use this table:

  • Read the overview first to get an understanding of the project, the scope of the consultation and to access any support documents.
  • Click on the project title to access any associated online consultations (e.g. surveys).
  • Note opening and closing dates for community feedback.
  • Check back after closing dates to see if the report has been published yet.
  • Take note of any other consultations seeking community input.
​Project​Overview ​Open date​Close date​Status

​Future Consultations

​Projects identified for ​future consultation include: 

  • New Planning Scheme 

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​Project​Overview​​Open date​Close date​Status

​Fairways Park Master Plan Phase 2​

​The park is intended to provide a range of recreational facilities that meet the long term needs of, and reflect the environment in, this high growth part of the Lockyer Valley. Council notes that the park will need to be developed over a number of years to ensure sustainability and value-for-money.​ 

The community's idea​s from Phase 1 consultation have been used by the consultant to develop Concept Designs. The community was invited to review and provide feedback on those designs through September 2019. 

Phase 2 consultation has now closed. ​




​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Livestock Farming Drought Support Forum​

​An opportunity for local livestock farmers to work together on identifying meaningful drought support options for the next 3-6 months. ​

An action plan will be developed based on ideas provided by farmers attending the forum and will be made available for public review and implementation. ​




P​projectOverview​Open dateClose dateStatus

Lockyer Valley 's ​Natural Resource Management (NRM) Plan

In conjunction with the community, Council will develop a Natural Resource Management (NRM) Strategy and a NRM Plan by 2020 to ensure the region's natural assets are valued and protected to sustain our unique rural lifestyle.​

The NRM Working Group was established in June 2019 after an expressions of interest process from the community.  This working group will be directly involved in the development of the NRM Strategy and NRM Plan via professionally facilitated workshops between June 2019 and February 2020. 


​February 2020


​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Lake Apex Community Advisory​ Committee New Member Expression of Interest (EOI)

​Council is seeking expressions of interest for additional members to particularly represent the following interest groups:

  • off-leash dog park users
  • skatepark users
  • general community use​​

To submit your EOI or find out more click here




​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

Regional Skateparks Master Plan​

Lockyer Valley Regional Council conducted a regional skateparks review and master plan process and engaged Australian Skateboarding Community Initiative (ASCI) to undertake community consultation.

This project will focus on upgrade designs for Gatton and Laidley skateparks over the next 10-15 years under Council's Management of Regional Skateparks Guideline, and also includes potential improvements to all Lockyer Valley skateparks.

All users of Lockyer Valley skateparks​ were encouraged to complete the survey or ​attend a face-to-face session. Use this link to find more detailed information - click here.​ 




​Project​Preview​Open date​Close date​Status

Youth and School Holiday Activities

Council works with several community organisations to offer a range of youth and school holiday programs. 

This consultation focuses understanding the types of activities, times, costs and barriers that influence you or your family's decision or ability to participate.

We encourage you to complete this as a family so that everyone's views are considered. Of course, we understand that young people may prefer to respond on their own.

Access the survey here




​Project​​​​​​​Overview​Open date​Close date​​Status

Fr​​iends of the Cemeteries Group

The Group will be an advisory group whose main functions will include:

  • ​Raising ideas, concerns and potential solutions relating to local cemeteries

  • Considering and providing feedback on cemetery maintenance works and future projects

To find out more click here​




​​​​​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​​Status

Draft ​Waste Reduction & Recycling Plan 2019-2022​​

Council's draft Waste Reduction & ​Recycling Plan 2019-2022 (WRRP) outlines Council's proposed vision, strategy and changes to how the region's waste and recycling is managed. 

The proposal includes changes (reductions) to operating hours at a number of facilities and the proposed site for a new facility. 

​Council is currently reviewing the community's submissions. 

Click here to access the WRRP consultation page. ​



​Project​Overview​Open date​Close dateStatus

​Regional Parks Strategy

Council is launching a Regional Public Parks Strategy to provide a shared and clearly defined vision for the improvement of public parks, including sport and recreation facilities, within the Lockyer Valley.

The Strategy is being developed in conjunction with consultants ROSS Planning and the community and is utilising input options such as an online survey and community workshops. 




​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

Gatton Showground Precinct Master Plan


Council is preparing a master plan for the Gatton Showground site and has appointed CPR Group to develop the plan. The first stage of community consultation closed in February and the proposed master plan is now available for final community review.

Have Your Say

Should you have any queries, please contact CPR on 1800 100 204 or

​Stage 1


Stage 2

3 June 2019





​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status
Hatton Vale Kensington Grove Regional Park Master Plan

​The park is intended to provide a range of recreational facilities that meet the long term needs of, and reflect the environment in, this high growth part of the Lockyer Valley. Council notes that the park will need to be developed over a number of years to ensure sustainability and value-for-money.​ 

In Stage 1 we sought input from residents around key themes, styles and preliminary designs. That information will now be analysed and used to develop potential park designs. Further community consultation will follow. 

To access this project click here


​Stage 1 closed 


​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Laidley Spring Festival 2018 Participant Feedback

​A review of the 2018 Spring Festival for areas to improve.




​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​​Status

Laidley Skatepark Upgrade

​Council is applying for grant funding to undertake an upgrade to Laidley Skatepark​​ and is seeking community feedback on levels/types of use and support for the upgrades. 

This survey has closed. See the results here




Download the results here

Project​​Overv​iew​Open date​Close date​Status

Consultation notice - Proposed Subordinate Local Law​

Council has, by resolution dated 25 October 2017, proposed to make Amending Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Miscellaneous Subordinate Local Laws) 2017.

Public Consultation was conducted by written submissions  from 15 November 2017 and ending on 6 December 2017 inclusive. 

The Proposed Amending Subordinate Local Law No. 1 (Miscellaneous Subordinate Local Laws) 2017 was made by resolution of Council on 28 February 2018 and can be viewed via this link




ect​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status
Draft ​Road Reserve: Street Tree and Landscape Guidelines Review
Have you ever wondered which trees or shrubs look best along roadsides, footpaths and median strips?

Are there guidelines for developers to follow to ensure the right plants are placed in the right areas?

Council's Road Reserve: Street Tree and Landscape Guidelines Project will address these issues and more. 

Council conducted community consultation in September 2017. The final Guidelines will be published on Council's website when finalised. 

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status
Laidley Spring Festival Review​
To ensure the Laidley Spring Festival has a long and viable future as a community-led event, Council is gathered ideas from participants, attenders and visitors about the types of future activities that will attract people to the event and encourage more volunteers. 

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​​Status
Lake Apex CCTV Review​

Council is committed to improving the safety and wellbeing of community members. One of the ways we do this is through obtaining funding to assist with the installation of CCTV. 

With that in mind, we sought your thoughts about public safety in the Lake Apex area. 

We will use this information to assist with ongoing planning about where to prioritise CCTV and other community safety initiatives.

Project​​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status
Inland Rail​

​While this is NOT a Council project, it is of significance to our community and we encourage the community to understand it and respond as appropriate.

This link will take you to further information.

Project​​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Ropehill Sports Centre Survey

This survey is designed to help Council better understand what the needs of the community and user groups of the Ropehill Sports Centre.

The results will help to create a master plan and provide direction on what the current and future key sporting and recreational priorities are for this facility.


Council would like to hear from the local community about their priorities for Springbrook Park, Withcott.

This survey will help to develop a Master Plan for this facility.





​Open date

​Close date


Council Investment in Exclusive or Primary Use Community Facilities


​Council conducted this consultation to increase our ​understanding of community values with regards to how and when Council should invest in facilities for community groups, particularly when one group has exclusive or primary use of that facility, recognizing that ultimately community members are funding these facilities and improvements through rates. 

Face to Face Consultations were held at Laidley, Gatton, Plainland, Helidon and Withcott.

An Online Consultation option was also provided.









Download the results here




​Open date

​Close date


Rabbit Survey

Rabbits cause significant damage to our local agricultural industry.

Council together with DDMRB surveyed properties to identify locations of rabbit hot-spots in order to conduct control work and to provide advice and assistance to control rabbits effectively.

We appreciate all those who provided relevant information through this process.

For more information, visit our webpage "Rabbit Information".








Open date

​Close date



Draft Corporate Plan 2017-2022 - Lockyer Valley Regional Council​


The Corporate Plan 2017-2022 demonstrates how Council's vision will be delivered over the next 5 years.

The Corporate Plan has five key themes each of which includes Council's commitment, outcomes and performance measures to assist Council to achieve its vision:

  • Lockyer Community
  • Lockyer Business, Farming and Livelihood
  • Lockyer Nature
  • Lockyer Planned
  • Lockyer Leadership and Council



Link to the Corporate Plan 2017-2022





Open date

​Close date


Gatton C​BD Mural Public Art Project

​Council undertook a public art project in the Gatton CBD featuring large murals on selected walls of participating local commercial and Council buildings. The project was initiated by a local business owner and made possible with funding from the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF).

Community consultation was conducted in February and early March 2017 to assist Council in understanding the themes, values and styles the community feels best represents Gatton.  The results were used to develop the Artist's Brief. The project, including engagement of suitably experienced artists, was managed by an external Public Art Manager with extensive experience in similar projects.



Project information is available via this link
​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Lockyer Valley Community Plan Review

The Community Plan is our community-led 10-year overview for the Region. It was developed by a community reference group. It focuses on the big picture of what we want our region to look and feel like in the future.

​Let us know what you most like, least like, and think has been missed.

Information and feedback stations were provided at Laidley and Gatton Customer Service Centres and Libraries and an online feedback options was also provided.

Download a PDF copy of the Draft Community Plan here.



A Report will be published following analysis and presentation to Council.

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​​Gatton Black Spot Intersection Concept Designs

Council has received funding to address safety concerns at two intersections within Gatton and invites comment on the concept designs from interested community members.

The project includes the intersection of North and William Streets, Gatton and the four-way intersection of East Street, Crescent Street, Smithfield Road and Old College Road, Gatton. 

See the final design for the North and William Streets Intersection using these links:

See the final design for the East and Crescent Streets Intersection using these links:

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Queensland Transport Museum Review

The QTM (Queensland Transport Museum on Lake Apex Drive Gatton) was created as an added attraction to the region, and to acknowledge the vital role transport plays in the Lockyer Valley.

Council would like to know how often people visit the QTM, and what exhibits and activities people would like to see there.

A short survey was provided online supported by the option of making an appointment with an engagement officer for paper-based responses.



Download the Results

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Council Communications Review

Council conducted a review on how we can better provide information to residents. Your responses will assist us to improve our communication methods.
A short survey was provided online supported by the option of making an appointment with an engagement officer for paper-based responses.


Download the results here
​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

2017 Level of Service Budget Consultation

​Indicate your preferred levels of service and see how that might affect future Budgets.



Read the Report

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Lockyer Valley Holiday Activities

​Help us coordinate school holiday activities for children and youth that work better for you.



Read the Report

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Laidley Parks Survey

​Tell us how you use Laidley's​ parks in general so we consider it when planning parks and upgrades now and in the future.



Read the Report

​Project​Overview​Open date​Close date​Status

​Gatton CBD Traffic and Pedestrian Review

​A review of your preferences for pedestrian and vehicle accessibility and priorities in Gatton CBD to assist with future planning.



Read the Report

​Community Engagement at Lockyer Valley Regional Council

Lockyer Valley Regional Council is committed to enhancing how it engages with the community. Through undertaking engagement Council aims to:

  • Provide useful information to the public,
  • Build Council and community connections, a
  • nd
  • Maximise community participation in decision making.

Engagement is not a one-way process. It provides an opportunity for the community to let Council know what is important and to find better ways to work together to achieve the Region’s shared vision.

In undertaking community engagement Council is guided by the following:

  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council Community Engagement Policy,
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Community Engagement Framework, and
  • Lockyer Valley Regional Council Community Engagement Strategy.

Engagement Opportunities

Lockyer Valley Regional Council undertakes a number of community engagement initiatives to seek input, consult with and/or inform the public about a range of issues, plans, projects, and service delivery changes and developments.

Information about engagement opportunities can be accessed via:

Some significant projects are promoted from time to time in Council publications such as the Valley Voice or in public notices in the Gatton Star. Budget considerations, lead time and applicable legislative requirements will influence the extent and methods chosen to advertise public consultations/engagement opportunities.

Council additionally holds a number of events throughout the year, which provide an opportunity for community and Council to connect and share information. For information about upcoming events, plea​se see Council’s events calendar.

6 Great Reasons to Get Involved

To find out more about what's in it for you, open or download this simple infographic​

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