​​Are you a school teacher or principal looking to add fun and informative content to your curriculum?

​Lockyer Valley Regional Council is committed to educating our younger residents on a range of different topics within our region and Council, suitable for school excursions and in class talks and activities.

Disaster Management​

What our team can offer is: ​

  • Hazards & Planning (Grade 5 Geography curriculum) - Aimed at grades 5 & 6 to support the Grade 5 Hazards & Planning curriculum – the group will identify local hazards & be provided with tools to support planning
  • Disaster Management for School Children - This session cover topics such as hazards, disaster prevention, planning, response and recovery (PPRR) or any component of PPRR, where to find information in disasters, warnings and alerts and the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements.
  • Visit the Local Disaster Coordination Centre - A tour to the Local Disaster Coordination Centre will discuss Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements, tools used by the Local Disaster Coordination Centre and where community members can access information.

    All programs can be tailored for the group. All sessions can be delivered in the Local Disaster Coordination Centre or Topics 1 and 2 can be delivered at the school.

Resources provided: A carry bag with Information relevant to topics discussed such as publications on hazards, Tools for disaster planning, emergency plan template, stickers, magnets, carry bag (dependent on availability)

Contact person for bookings -​

Michelle Kocsis on 5462 0668
or email  

Animals and pet ownership

Provides information on responsible pet ownership and safety around dogs (this part is like a Stranger Danger but dogs are the strangers).

Council is part of the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) PetPEP Program which provides an opportunity for Council to provide up to Year 6 Children information on responsible pet ownership. Our agreement with the AVA PetPEP program sees us provide up to 6 visits each year with the AVA Coordinators organising the venues / dates / times etc.

What our team can offer is:

Topic - Responsible pet ownership and safety around dogs (safety around dogs is as per the AVA PetPEP /RSPCA Guidelines)

Session types - Generally Indoor (classroom / auditorium) but we have also provided sessions undercover outdoors. Part of our presentation does involve “audience volunteer” participation at various stages.

Session Length – Under AVA PetPep Guidelines, our normal session runs for approx. 15 – 20 minutes but can be easily modified to suit the target audience / school requirements

Session Audience Size – We normally have up to 20 – 25 students per session (we have conducted sessions with less and far more, is dependent on the school and student numbers)

Age Groups - Up to and including Year 6 (we simply need to know the target age group prior to the day)

Resources Provided – We can provide colouring in sheets / find a word sheets

Presenters – Members of the LVRC Local Laws Compliance Team, all have current Blue Cards.

Contact person for bookings-

Darryl Simpson, Local Laws Coordinator
Mobile: 0407101410


Our dedicated people in the Community Wellbeing team have a range of topics and resources from pest management of weeds and animals for grades 3 & 4 to caring for our waterways and riparian zones and the benefits of tree planting to meet most levels of curriculum outcomes.

Contact person
for bookings-

​Martin Bennett, Environment Officer on

Phone: 54620310


Waste and Recycling

Topic – Waste Management and Recycling in the Lockyer Valley

Session types -

  • Indoor (classroom talks and PowerPoint presentations available)
  • Tours of Gatton land fill and Material Recovery Facility (recycling centre). 

Session Length – Varies according to session type. Enquire for more information.

Session Audience Size – It is preferred tours of the Gatton Landfill and Material Recovery Facility be limited to 20 – 25 students per session, a combined tour of both facilities will provide an overview of all waste activities in the Lockyer Valley (we have conducted sessions with less and far more, is dependent on the school and student numbers/age).
Classroom sessions would be limited to the room size only and may be presented to a larger number of students dependent of age.

Age Groups - Classroom session (PowerPoint) Up to and including Year 6 (we simply need to know the target age group prior to the day). Landfill & Material Recovery Facility tours are limited to Year 4 and up.

Contact person for bookings-

Melissa McNamara, Waste Management and Recycling Coordinator

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