​​​​​​​​Development Assessment

The new planning legislation (the Planning Act 2016) commenced in Queensland on Monday 3 July 2017. Council's processes and systems are now align with the new framework for all new development application received on and after 3 July 2017. Refer to Fact sheet: Development Assessment Process.

New development application received on and after 3 July 2017 will be assessed in accordance with the development assessment process under the Planning Act 2016 and the Planning Regulation 2017 when read together with the Gatton Planning Scheme 2007, the Laidley Planning Scheme 2003- Amendment 2 or the Grantham Reconstruction Area - Development Scheme.

Where a current development approval approved under the Integrated Planning Act 1997 (IPA) and Sustainable Planning Act 2009 which required a change to the development approval/conditions or extension to relevant period of approval on or after 3 July 2017, such request for change will be assessed in accordance to the Planning Act 2016.


A development application lodged to Council must meet the requirements of Section 51 of the Planning Act 2016 for your application to be considered properly made. A properly made application must include the following:

  1. The Approved Forms
  2. Applicable Fee – set out in Council's current Fees & Charges​.
  3. Owner's Consent All the landowners must give their written consent to the application
  4. Supporting Information any information as required under the approved form. This includes the relevant plans, a planning report that addresses the applicable Planning Scheme, and any technical reports required by the Planning Scheme

The application forms to be submitted for the various types of development applications and other relevant templates/forms are listed below for easy reference:

​Item​Type of Development Application
​1​Material Change of Use​DA Form 1
​2​Reconfiguration of a LotDA Form 1
​3​Operational WorksDA Form 1
4​Building WorksDA Form 1 & DA Form 2
​5​Change ApplicationDA Form 5
6​Extension ApplicationNotice about making an extension application
7​Deemed Approval NoticePlanning Act Form 4
ItemOther form/template/reference​ ​
8Company Owner's consent​
9Individual Owner's consent​
10DA forms guide: Forms 1 and 2​
11DA Form 2 - Referral checklist for building work​
​12DA forms guide: Relevant plans - applicant notice template​
​13Notice about stopping the current period
​14​Notice about the revival of a lapsed development application​
​15Notice of compliance with public notification requirements​
​16Notice of intention to commence public notification​
​17Notice about missed referral
​18Notice about change to development application​
​19Request to extend a period​
​20​​Response to an information request
​21DA Sign - Development application​
​22DA Sign - Change to an approval​
​23Development application notice in the newspaper template​
​24Change application notice in the newspaper template​ ​
​25​Guide to public notification of development and change applications

Development applications can be lodged:

  1. Electronically by emailing to together with a contact name and number provided for payment of application fee by credit card; or
  2. By post with a cover letter and one set of hard copy and a USB stick/CD Disk containing all the application materials together with cheque (made payable to Lockyer Valley Regional Council)/credit card payment
  3. In person at one of the reception counters of Lockyer Valley Regional Council:
    • Gatton Administration Building at 26 Railway Street, GATTON QLD 4343; or
    • Laidley Library & Customer Service at 9 Spicer Street, LAIDLEY QLD 4341

If you require any further clarification, please contact Council on 1300 005 872 for assistance or to request a pre-lodgement meeting with the Planning & Development Unit.

Public Notification

Under Section 53 of the Planning Act 2016 an applicant must give notice of a development application if any part of the application requires impact assessment or the application includes a variation request. Part 4 of the DA Rules outlines the requirements of giving public notice. Refer to Fact Sheet: Public notification signage under the Planning Act 2016.

A submission can be made on an application currently undergoing public notification. This submission needs to be submitted to Council by the date stipulated on the public notification.

A submission submitted to Council during the public notification period is required to comply with the requirements of the Planning Act 2016 to be considered 'properly made'.  A properly made submission will enable the submitter to have third party appeal rights to the development.

Council has developed the following tools to assist with preparing a submission:

A submission will still be accepted without using the above Form.

Submissions can be made to Council:

  1. By Post: The Assessment Manager, Lockyer Valley Regional Council (PO Box 82, GATTON QLD 4343)
  2. By Email: 
  3. In person at Lockyer Valley Regional Council at:
    • Gatton Administration Building, 26 Railway Street, GATTON QLD 4343; or
    • Laidley Library & Customer Service, 9 Spicer Street, LAIDLEY QLD 4341

Tracking an Application

Online services​ are available for tracking the status of an application currently under assessment or applications being decided in recent years.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument - Flood Regulations

Development on premises affected by the Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) – Flood Regulation may trigger a development application. It is recommended that you review the TLPI to detemine if any planning approvals are required.

More information about this instrument is located under the Strategic Planning page.
If you want to find out whether your property is affected by the TLPI, please contact Council on 1300 005 872. 

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