Naming Roads, Parks, Landmarks and Facilities

​​​Naming of Roads

Council has an adopted policy for the naming of roads in new urban developments to ensure consistency in conventions used across the Lockyer Valley region. This ensures that names selected, act as reminders of local significance, history, culture and citizens.

As new developments are created across the Lockyer Valley, so are new addresses. As part of the development and subdivision process where new roads are created, developers are required to provide Council with their preferences for the names of the new roads and parks within their developments.

Developers are required to submit the following information where making a naming application to Council:

  • Naming of Roads, Parks, Landmarks and Facilities Application Form detailing three options for every new road/street and the contact details of the applicant,
  • A site plan detailing the new roads/streets, and
  • Reconfiguring a Lot and Operational Works development approval reference number (s).

Please note, Council policy requires the naming of roads to be in accordance with its preferred name source list. For full details of Council's policy, please read the Naming of Roads, Parks, Landmarks and Facilities Policy. Duplication of existing road names is not permitted. Please see the Current Road List for existing road names.

The Naming of Roads, Parks, Landmarks and Facilities Factsheet also provides additional information with regards to application process and Council's preference for names.

Upon consideration of the application, a report will be prepared for a decision at the next available Council meeting. Following Council's decision the applicant will be notified of the outcome in writing.

Renaming of Roads, and Naming of Parks, Landmarks and Facilities

Individuals or community organisations may also request the naming of a park, landmark or facility or the renaming of a road. These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. In rare cases, Council is required to re-name existing roads within the region for accurate property identification purposes. Renaming will only occur in extraordinary circumstances. To make a request, please lodge a written request, the Application Form​ and as much supporting information as possible to Council.

Applications can be lodged with Council by emailing to or posting to 26 Railway Street, Gatton QLD 4343.


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