Approving plans of subdivision

Council adopted a Plan Sealing Policy on 1 March 2011.

Under current planning system, Section 284, 286 & 288 of the Planning Act 2016 and Schedule 18 of the Planning Regulation 2017 sets up the process for local government approval of plans of subdivision. Refer to Fact Sheet: Approving plans of subdivision.

For the purposes of lodging a plan of subdivision for approval, an applicant is required to submit:

  1. A duly completed Plan Sealing Application Form
  2. A Statement of Compliance
  3. The payment of associated application fees as per Council's current fees & charges schedules for FY2018/2019
    ​Type​Signing fee per lot
    ​Standard Format Plan​$380 (subject to a minimum fee of $900)
    ​Building Format Plan (including the common property lot)​$380 (subject to a minimum fee of $900)
    ​Per legal document (eg. Easement, Covenant, First Community Management Statement)​$380
    ​Resigning of survey plans$450
    • Note: an administrative fee of $135 will be applicable if the application is withdrawn.
  4. The payment of relevant LVRC Infrastructure Charges or Headworks Contributions (if applicable)
  5. The payment of a Cash Bond or provide a Bank Guarantee (if applicable)
  6. The duly signed survey plan (either a Standard Format or a Building Format Plan signed by registered owners in black pen)
  7. Supporting mandatory documents (if applicable)
  8. Other supporting documents (if applicable)

For more information, please contact Council on 1300 005 872 or email Council at

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