Property Addressing

​Rural and Urban Property Addressing

Accurate and consistent location addresses are vital to the successful delivery of mail and other services and aid speedy location of an address in the event of an emergency.

Local government and addressing

Under the Local Government Act 2009, local governments are responsible for road naming and addressing.

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) collates this information and maintains a state-wide authoritative location address dataset.

Displaying house numbers

To avoid confusion, only house numbers (not lot numbers) should be displayed in a prominent position at the property entrance.

Rural addressing

Council assigns a rural property number based on the distance of the property entrance from the designated starting point of the road, which is usually an intersection or junction.

Odd numbers are allocated to properties on the left, with even numbers being given to the properties on the right.


For more information, please contact Council on 1300 005 872.

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