Grantham siren

​The Grantham siren has been installed to alert residents of a flood emergency that is likely to impact the community's safety. It is important to note that this siren is only for alerting the community to floods that are likely to impact on community safety and is not used for smaller flood events or other risks such as bushfires. 

Siren location

The siren is located at Christopher Street, Grantham.

What to do when the siren sounds

If you hear the siren, you need to immediately move to higher ground and, if you are able, let your neighbours know to move.

Once you have moved to higher ground, seek further information and advice from a reliable source.

  • Visit​ 
  • Turn on the radio
  • Check the local news
  • Check social media
  • Contact family, friends and neighbours
  • Call Lockyer Valley Regional Council on 1300 005 872

The siren is not a standalone system for alerting an at-risk community. Residents shouldn't rely on the siren sounding for all floods. It is important for individuals and households to be responsible for their own personal safety and protection of their property by ensuring they are prepared for emergencies and disasters. Click here for information on preparing for disasters    ​

What the siren sounds like

When the siren is activated the community will hear an alert tone followed by the following verbal message "Attention! Attention! This is a flood warning announcement. Go to higher ground now.  Avoid low lying areas. I repeat this is a flood warning. Go to higher ground now."​

Who can request the activation of the siren

Authorised officers from emergency services and other government agencies can request the activation of the siren if a significant flood emergency threat is posed to the broadcast area.

The siren is one of many tools used to provide warning for flood emergencies, in a coordinated approach with partner agencies such as Queensland Police Service and Queensland Fire and Emergency Services. The siren can be used along with other methods of sharing warnings such as the emergency alert system that pushes voice recordings to landlines and text messages to mobile phones and social media.​

The siren can be activated in three different ways, ensuring there are alternatives in place should any one method fail. Upon activation of the siren, confirmation that it was successfully activated is sought to ensure the system is working as expected.​

Testing and maintenance

The siren requires regular testing to ensure its operational readiness. It will automatically run an audible test every year at midday on 1 June and 1 December. It is important for the community to remember these dates and not panic should they hear the siren. Community messaging will be distributed leading up the test but please ensure any family and friends in the area are aware also.

During testing the community will hear an announcement of the test followed by the alert tone.

Testing time is a timely opportunity for the community to review their own emergency and evacuation plans.  

​For residents in low lying areas, it is important to identify routes to areas of higher ground to use if there is a need to move if the siren is activated.   

​Getting to know your neighbours and community is an important part of being prepared for an emergency. Neighbours and community members can help each other in many ways. There may be people who could be in need of more help than others in an emergency.        

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