Preparing your Business for Disasters

​​​​The best way for your business to cope with a disaster is to have a plan before it strikes.  Time and clear thinking are luxuries in an emergency situation, which is why it is so important to be prepared.

Preparing for disasters will have wide reaching benefits to both your business and the broader community. Planning will help you to limit impacts to services provided to your customers, ensure your employees can continue to work, and will help to keep the local economy running.  

In the event of a natural disaster striking your community, you need to have plans in place that will help protect your business, your assets, your employees, and will help your business continue to operate and recover quickly.​

The commonly accepted process for improving business resilience is 

  • Know the hazards that threaten your business
  • Know what the consequences are in the case the hazard eventuates
  • This about what is most important for the survival of your business
  • Plan how to prevent the impact from occurring or minimise the impact if it can't be prevented
  • Write down the key information you need prior to, during and after a disruption/disaster
  • Test your plan to see if it works and where it can be improved.  

The Laidley Business Resilience Reference Guide outlines resilience arrangements that aim to minimise the consequences of adverse events.    The Guide is a great resource with information and checklists to assist you to build your business resilience no matter where you are based in the Lockyer Valley.

For further information visit Get Ready Queensland for Businesses

Page reviewed: 14 Dec 2020 11:10am