Rabbits in the Lockyer

​​Rabbits are becoming an increasingly destructive pest in the Lockyer Valley. Recent surveys have shown that the spread of rabbits into the valley is worse than first thought and their impact on horticultural crops is already affecting farmers. Because rabbits breed rapidly, there is a very real risk of the population of rabbits exploding with a devastating impact upon the economy of the Lockyer.

Council works very closely with the Darling Downs – Moreton Rabbit Board in locating and destroying  rabbits and their burrows, while providing information and advice to farmers and growers. It also chairs the Lockyer Valley Rabbit Group, which meets regularly at the Department of Primary Industries facility at Gatton.

This group brings together representatives from other government departments, SEQ Catchments, farmer's groups and individual farmers. It also includes researchers from the University of Queensland Gatton campus; whose work is already providing a better understanding of rabbit behaviour, their economic impact, and management techniques, including the effectiveness of viruses.

Reminder: Keeping, selling or releasing rabbits without a permit in Queensland is illegal. Penalties as much as $63,075.00 could apply.

You can learn more by visiting the Darling Downs Moreton Rabbit Board's website.

Information sheets on rabbits

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