Water Security

​​National Water Infrastructure Development Fund 

Lockyer Valley Project Overview

Council has been successful in its Expression of Interest to the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund (NWIDF) for a grant to undertake a pre-feasibility study to determine what options are available for securing a water supply for our agricultural sector and guide us to which option should be considered for a full feasibility study.

A full feasibility study will then assist the Federal Government in securing the nation's water supply to deliver regional economic development benefits for Australia.

The aim of this project is to evaluate water supply and delivery options. The need for this project has arisen with proposals to amend the Moreton Water Resource Plan, which is likely to result in restrictions on water use and water allocations for irrigation determined by the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM).

Water security is a concern for all growers (horticulture, lucerne, turf etc.), as securing water for the region allows these growers to plan and reinvest in their business. Many water users are looking at a number of options to see how they can alleviate the issues they might face with the implications of this change. 

The types of supply and delivery options to be assessed in this pre-feasibility study include (but are not limited to): 
• pipeline from Wivenhoe (water allocation and / or storm harvesting)

• recycled water pipeline (via Wivenhoe or direct to the Lockyer Valley from Ipswich / Brisbane)

• delivery to the existing irrigation dams in the Central Lockyer Valley Water Supply Scheme

• discharge to existing recharge weirs or new aquifer recharge infrastructure

• discharge to creeks for indirect aquifer recharge and catchment benefits 
This pre-feasibility study will build on the extensive knowledge base, which exists for the Lockyer Creek catchment, agriculture and irrigation industries, sustainable water use and government policy, to develop and investigate options for alternative secure water supplies and innovative water delivery mechanisms.

Options will be assessed for their technical feasibility, as well as environmental, community and economic benefits and impacts, risks, alignment to government policies and strategies, improvements in climate resilience, value for money and resource efficiency improvements.

The study will investigate how to provide a cost effective, low risk, equitable water supply to all areas across the Lockyer Valley region and address issues faced by climate variability and resource security.

Current Status

In July 2017, Council conducted five community engagement drop-in sessions across the region at Gatton, Laidley, Tenthill, Glenore Grove and Lowood. The purpose of these sessions were to inform the community about the NWIDF pre-feasibility study and to provide information on existing water resources, infrastructure, opportunities, constraints and options that have been identified. We also used the sessions to seek feedback on the initial information collated, including:

  • Have we missed any opportunities?
  • Have we missed any constraints?

We had a number of people from the various sessions provide us with feedback and learn more about what we were doing. All the information provided was collated together and sent to our consultants for further consider to include in the study. The draft pre-feasibility report can be viewed below:

​​Updated pre-feasibility studies: 

Project Stages



Stages 3.jpg 

Key Dates

​Milestone​DescriptionCompletion Date
​Milestone 1 ​Project Plan​28 Feb 2017
​Milestone 2​Draft Options Development Report​19 May 2017
​Milestone 3​Draft Feasibility Report0​1 Sept 2017
​Milestone 4​Final Feasibility Report​31 Oct 2017
​Final Acquital


Please feel free to contact the Project Managers:

Project Manager

Jason Harm

Manager Regional Development

P 07 5466 3505

M 0448 089 532 


Project Manager

Belinda Whelband (McGahey)

Coordinator Environment and Pest

P 07 5462 0362

M 0459 475 786

E bwhelband@lvrc.qld.gov.au  

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