Backflow Prevention Devices

Backflow prevention devices stop an unwanted reverse flow of potentially polluted water into the drinking water supply.

It is a one-way valve that will eliminate any risk of contamination entering the drinking water supply. Backflow prevention devices are either testable or non-testable, with the selection dependant on the risk potential associated with the possible contamination

Licence and Registration

In Queensland, testable backflow prevention devices must be tested annually. The owner of a property in which a testable backflow prevention device is installed is required to have this test carried out by a licensed plumber (with backflow endorsement) every 12 months.

Local Governments are obligated to keep a register of the testable devices within their region and, as such, each valve must be licensed and all test reports provided to Council within 10 business days of the test being carried out. 

A reminder notice and invoice will be sent annually at the start of each financial year to owners/licence holders of the property for registration.

To register, fill out the Form 9 and either:

  • Post to Lockyer Valley Regional Council, PO Box 82, Gatton, QLD 4343
  • Fax to (07) 5462 3269, or
  • Email to

along with the applicable registration / licensing fee or contact details of the payer.

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