Overdue rates and charges

​​​​If you are unable to pay your rates and charges by the due date, Council’s Debt Recovery Policy will be in place the day after the rates and charges are due. Only full payment or a suitable written payment commitment will stop further legal proceedings (except sale of land).

These legal proceedings can incur costs and Council can claim these costs back from the property owner. This process is governed by Chapter 4, Part 12, Division 1, Section 132 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.


Interest is charged on all rates and charges when they become overdue after the due date.  Interest continues to accrue on all previous arrears, regardless of any current rates levy's interest free period. The applicable interest rate is 8.53​% per annum compounding on a daily basis.

If you require a payout figure to clear your rates, please contact the Rates Department for the correct amount outstanding.

Chapter 4, Part 12, Division 1, Section 133 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Payment commitments

Are you concerned about paying your rates in full by the due date?

Call one of our friendly rates team about entering into a written regular payment commitment.

Honouring your commitment will mean:

  • An agreed periodic payment commitment should ensure all current rates and charges are paid as issued to ensure the account does not fall further into arrears. An appropriate periodic payment commitment will generally result in all overdue rates and charges being paid in full by the end of the half year period in which the payment commitment is made.
  • A reduction in the amount of interest accruing
  • A re-assessment of further recovery action.

Payment commitments do not affect our interest and/or discount policies.

Please download and submit a Payment Commitment Form for this service.

Please note on a fortnightly basis, all existing and future payment commitments will be reviewed and following these reviews upon:

  • The first payment default: A Payment Commitment First Notice of Default letter will be issued to the property owner, advising that the commitment has been dishonoured, the over due amount and the next payment commitment due date.
  • The second and final default: The payment commitment will be removed from Council’s rate assessment and the debt forwarded to Council’s external debt recovery agency without further notice to the property owner.

Council encourages property owners to contact Council in writing prior to the due date if they are unable to make a payment.

*If your assessment has been referred to a collection agent you must contact them to discuss an arrangement to pay off your rates. Council staff are unable to enter into a payment commitment with you at this point.

Sale of land for the recovery of rate arrears

Council may proceed to public auction if no suitable payment commitment has been agreed to or kept.

Council will provide correspondence to the property owner to recover the debt and explain the process. The arrears for all or part of their outstanding rates for the following property types:

  • Residential properties - three years; or
  • if the rates or charges were levied on vacant land or land used only for commercial purposes, and the local government has obtained judgment for the overdue rates or charges - one year; or
  • if the rates or charges were levied on a mining claim - three months.

Should we resolve to commence the sale of a property for the recovery of rates, only the full payment of outstanding rates and charges and any additional costs incurred by us to recover the monies, will prevent a public auction of the property.

This process is governed by Chapter 4, Part 12, Division 3, Subdivision 1 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Council's Rates Debt Collection and Recovery Policy

Upcoming auctions

No upcoming auctions.

Public Notice

To the personal representatives or descendants of J Stringer owner of L195 CC410 on Reibstein Gully Road, Lefthand Branch QLD 4343. Rates for the current period 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2020 have issued.

Opening Balance $  26,948.82
General Rates $        546.00
Utility Charge - Waste Management Charge $          73.50
Separate Charge - Environment Preparedness Levy  $          52.00
Sepatate Charge - Resilient Rivers Initiative Levy  $            1.00
Separate Charge - Environmental Levy  $            8.00
Special Charge - Rural Fire Brigade $          13.50
Emergency Management Levy E - Group 1  $          13.70
Total Rates and Charges $  27,656.52
Discount if Paid on or before 11 September 2020-$         27.30
Interest Not Yet Charged $          51.46
Net Payable $  27,680.68

Please contact Council's Rates Team on 1300 005 872 or email mailbox@lvrc.qld.gov.au for more information.


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