About Rates


​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a property owner in the Lockyer Valley, you are required to pay rates to Lockyer Valley Regional Council.

The money collected from your rates enables Council to provide a wide range of community services and facilities such as roads, parks, libraries, recreation and sporting facilities.​

Council's Budget Resolution 2020 - 2021

Rates issued on 2 February 2021

​​Any property owner who has not received their rate notice by 12 February 2021, should contact Council's Rates Team as soon as possible to obtain a copy so they can benefit from the discount available.  To be eligible to claim the discount, payment of the net amount must be received by Council on or before the close of business on the due date 19 March 2021.

Due to the current uncertain times, Council recommends property owners to register to receive rate notices and correspondence issued by Council by email.  If you would like your future rate notices and correspondence emailed, please send your request to mailbox@lvrc.qld.gov.au.

If you have changed your postal address provided for service of notice and have not notified Council, please do so now.

Property owners are obliged to notify Council of their change of address for service of notice in writing. Having a mail re-direct or verbal communication with Council will not be sufficient notice to Council.

After the Rates team has been advised of your change of address in writing, they will endeavour to provide you with a replacement copy of your Rate Notice by the quickest means possible so that you may pay your rates by the due date and benefit from the discount available.

You can contact Council's Rates team by the following methods:

  • Email: mailbox@lvrc.qld.gov.au
  • Phone 1300 005 872
  • Visit one of Council's Customer Service Centres in Laidley or Gatton

Any payments made to Council on or after 20 January 2021 may not show up on your records.

Please confirm with Council for an amended amount outstanding.

If you are having difficulty paying your rates, please contact Council before the due date to complete a Payment Commitment Form. Failure to pay in full by the due date or to enter into a suitable payment commitment with Council may result in debt recovery action.

​If you are experiencing financial hardship, please refer to Council's Hardship Policy​ for more information.

Discount will not be allowed on payments received by Council after the close of business on the due date.

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