Community Group Rate Remissions

​​​Eligibility Criteria for Community Group Rate Remissions

Under Council’s Community Grants & Assistance Policy, Council may consider an application for remission of rates​ in the following circumstances:

  • The organisation is a Non-profit community based organisation
  • The applicant organisation must be the owner or lessee of the land and be able to demonstrate that they are required to pay the rates levied.
  • The land or any part of the land must not be rented or leased to a third party on a commercial basis.
  • A Liquor Licence (allowing trading on more than 3 days per week) must not be held by the organisation or any affiliate relating to the property subject to the application.
  • Where General Rates do not apply to a property by virtue of a condition contained in a lease of a reserve from Council no further relief will be available.

Council will grant a maximum of 100% of the General Levy to approved applicants.

Council will not approve requests for financial contributions to reimburse rates payments unless hardship under the Local Government Regulation 2012 can be demonstrated and provided in writing.

Applications for Community Group Rate Remissions must be made to Council in writing for assessment and resolution by elected members at a Council meeting. Council will advertise in July/August each financial year to encourage applications for Community Group Rate Remission.

Page reviewed: 31 Aug 2020 5:10pm