Overdue rates and recovery

Council will not take any recovery action where a ratepayer maintains an acceptable payment commitment, however interest will continue to be charged in accordance with Council’s Revenue Statement.

I am unable to pay my rate by the due date.

Council can accept a payment commitment for unpaid rates that have not proceeded to a debt recovery agent. Prior to entering into a payment commitment you should be aware that:

  1. Full payment of the current levy should be cleared
    before next rate levy.
  2. Arrears including past levies, interest and charges are to be cleared within 12 months (including future levies)
  3. Interest of 11% will continue to accrue.
  4. Discount will not be allowed unless the full payment including arrears of rates has been paid before the discount period.
  5. Payment of rates as per back of rate notice: B-Pay, Direct Debit, Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa only), Online Services or payment at one of Council’s Customer Service Centres.

Council encourages any ratepayer who is experiencing financial difficulties and is unable to make payment in full by the due date to contact the Rates Office and enter into a payment commitment.

Can I pre-pay my rate leading up to a rate levy?

Yes, all payment options are listed on the back of each rate notice issued. Direct debit and B-Pay payment facilities are available for payment of weekly, fortnightly, monthly or full amount payable on the due date. These payments are deducted from your nominated bank account.

To use Council’s direct debit facilities you can download a Direct Debit Authority form from Council’s website or contact Council’s Customer Service Centre.

I have received a letter from a debt recovery agent regarding my outstanding rates. Why have I been sent this letter?

You may have been sent a letter from one of Council’s Debt Recovery Agencies. This letter relates to one of the following:

  • Your outstanding rates, where a payment commitment has not been entered into in writing;
  • A dishonoured payment commitment; or
  • No response to an increase payment commitment/direct debit letter.

Who are Dun & Bradstreet/Recoveries & Reconstruction (Aust) Pty Ltd?

Dun & Bradstreet and Recoveries & Reconstruction (Aust) Pty Ltd are collection agencies who act on Council’s behalf in assisting recovery with current rate arrears. Their contact details:

Dun & Bradstreet                                                  Recoveries & Reconstruction (Aust) Pty Ltd
PO Box 743                                                             PO Box 101
Toowong Qld 4066                                                Southport Qld 4215
Ph: 07 3360 0641                                                   Ph: 1300 556 863

Can I still pay my rates in full if I have received this letter?

Yes, you can still pay your rates in full. Please contact Council via telephone or email to obtain the outstanding amount and you must make payment the same day. Payment methods will be listed on your recent rates notice.

If you are unable to make payment the same day or in full please contact the recovery agent from which you received the letter to organise a payment commitment.

*Please note that Council staff are able to accept full payment of your outstanding rates and charges but are unable to discuss or make new payment commitments.

The amount provided by Council is different to the amount on the letter from the Collection Agent.

The amount provided by Council is the most recent amount outstanding including interest and legal charges. Please see Overdue Rates & Charges regarding Council recovering these costs.

Page reviewed: 29 Jan 2016 7:10pm