Flood Regulation

​​​​​​On 15 July 2020, the Lockyer Valley Regional Council adopted Temporary Local Planning Instrument 2020 (Flood Regulation) to regulated development within flood prone areas of the Lockyer Valley Region.

Temporary Local Planning Instrument 2020 (Flood Regulation) took effect on 20 July 2020 and replaced Temporary Local Planning Instrument 01/2019 - Flood Regulation.

The notice to repeal TLPI01/2019 and adopt TLPI2020 can be found here.

Planning Scheme Overlay Maps​

TLPI 2020 needs to be read in conjunction with Planning Scheme Overlay Maps which operate in conjunction with the Gatton Shire Planning Scheme 2007 and the Laidley Shire Planning Scheme 2003. Maps G1, G2, L1 and L2 identify the Defined Flood Extent (DFE) and investigation areas including areas of High, Medium and Low Hazard within the DFE.

​​Supersed TLPI's

To view the past planning Temporary Local Planning Instruments for flood regulation​, please follow the links below:

Flood Maps

 Supporting Maps – Regional Inundation

Maps of the extent of regional flooding are also provided below.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of TLPI2020 or how flood risk is regulated in relation to development, please contact us on 1300 005 872.

Flood Information Searches

Lockyer Valley Regional Council has a variety of flood information searches available, these include Basic Flood Information (B2) and Detailed Flood Advice (DF1). Please refer to the Flood Information Searches Fact Sheet for further information on the type of flood information searches which can be obtained from Council.

​What are the types of flood advice that can be obtained from Council?​

​​​Basic Flood Information

The Defined Flood Level (DFL), Flood Depth, Velocity and Flood Hazard data, if available, will be provided for a nominated location on the property. Also included is whether the property is mapped under Council’s Temporary Local Planning Instrument (TLPI) 2020 (Flood Regulation). If a proposed development is identified, advice will be provided on any planning approval requirements.
Basic Flood Information is generally requested by building certifiers to satisfy the requirements of the Queensland Development Code building provisions.

​Detailed Flood Advice
Detailed Flood Advice provides the same information as a Basic Flood Information as well as Observations on the proposed use, Flood Risk Analysis and Historical Flood Information, if available. The response can be provided for multiple locations on the property.

Flood Advice is generally requested for multiple locations on a property, conveyancing, valuation, or specific development uses.

What do I need to submit to obtain Basic Flood Information or Detailed Flood Advice?

Basic Flood Information and Detailed Flood Advice can be requested by completing a Request for Building, Plumbing & Planning Information Form, payment of the required fee and a site or proposal plan that includes a marked single nominated location.

Note – All information is required including payment of the fee, prior to Council commencing the processing of the request.

How do I lodge my request?

Council's preferred method of lodgement is via email to mailbox@lvrc.qld.gov.au. Alternatively, requests can be lodged at Gatton or Laidley Customer Service Centres, or sent in the post to Lockyer Valley Regional Council, PO Box 82, Gatton QLD 4343.​
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