Proposed Planning Scheme


The proposed Lockyer Valley Planning Scheme is currently in preparation. It will provide a single planning instrument for the whole of the Lockyer Valley Region.  It aims to sets regulated development and provide for future growth across the Lockyer Valley Region.

The proposed Lockyer Valley Planning Scheme will replace the Gatton Shire Planning 2007, Laidley Shire Planning Scheme 2003, Grantham Reconstruction Area – Development Scheme and Temporary Local Planning Instrument 01/2019 Flood Regulation.

What happened to the 2015 draft?

As a result of the matters which were raised during the April to June 2015 consultation period, of the 2015 draft Lockyer Valley Planning Scheme and the passage of the Planning Act 2016 by the Queensland Parliament, Council has determined to review the content of the proposed planning scheme.

This will result in a new planning scheme that will be consistent with the new Planning Act 2016 under which it will operate. This will ensure the new planning scheme will be better able to meet the needs and serve the interests of the Lockyer Valley community.

The matters raised during the April to June 2015 consultation period have been reviewed and will be considered as part of the proposed Planning Scheme. All who have an interest in the future of the Lockyer Valley are encouraged to take the opportunity to review the draft planning scheme when it is released for further public consultation.

Where are we now?

Below are the steps that Council must take to make a new planning scheme and the stage we are at in the process.

1Council resolves to make a Planning Scheme under the Planning Act 2016November 2017
2Council notifies State government that it intends to make a new Planning Scheme November 2017
3State government gives Council approval to proceed to make a planning scheme with conditionsJanuary 2018
4Council prepares the proposed planning scheme January 2018-March 2019
5Council resolves to the send the proposed planning scheme to State government for checking of State interests  March-April 2019
6State government checks the proposed planning scheme for State mattersNow
7State government gives Council approval to undertake public consultation of the planning scheme and policies 
8Council undertakes Public consultation of the Planning Scheme and policies 
9Council considers submissions and amends planning scheme 
10Council responds to the properly made submissions 
11Council submits the planning scheme and consultation outcomes to the State government requesting approval to adopt 
12State government checks the proposed planning scheme again for State matters 
13State government gives Council approval to adopt and any conditions from the State 
14Council resolves to adopt the scheme with any conditional changes from the State 

What's Next?

Public consultation will be undertaken after the State interest check has been completed. The State interest check may include further changes to the proposed planning scheme that Council must make. All landowners in the Lockyer Valley Regional Council area will be notified when public consultation starts and where you can view the proposed planning scheme.

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