Infrastructure Charges


Current adopted infrastructure charges resolution

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 4) 2019 was adopted by Council on 28 August 2019.

It provides the basis for the calculation of infrastructure charges across the Lockyer Valley and sets out Council's policy position on the following matters:

  • The criteria to be applied in deciding if development infrastructure is trunk infrastructure (in trunk infrastructure conversion applications);
  • The method to be applied for working out the establishment cost of trunk infrastructure for a refund or offset where an applicant is required under a condition of a development approval to provide land or works for trunk infrastructure; and
  • Whether an offset or refund applies, and if so, the details of the offset and refund and the timing of the offset and refund.

Superseded adopted infrastructure charges resolutions

Lockyer Valley Regional Council Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 3) 2019 was adopted by Council on 8 May 2019.

Lockyer Valley Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No.2) 2018 was amended by Council on 24 April 2018.

Lockyer Valley Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution (No. 1) 2015 was amended by Council on 10 June 2015. This was supported by Council's Local Government Infrastructure Plan.

Lockyer Valley Adopted Infrastructure Charges Resolution 2011 was adopted and came into force and effect on 1 July 2011.           

Incentives Policy

Lockyer Valley Regional Council is committed to promoting and encouraging new forms of employment generating business and tourism activity in the region.

In order to promote and encourage development, Council has adopted a ​Development Incentives Policy (DIP)​to attract and provide support to projects and businesses that will deliver the economic benefits to the Lockyer Valley and its residents.

To obtain a reduction of infrastructure charges you need to ensure your development is consistent with the conditions outlined in the Development Incentives Policy.

To obtain a charge reduction in line with the incentives policy please provide a written request to the Councils Planning and Development Manager before commencing the use.

Infrastructure Charges Register

Under the Planning Act 2016, Council is obligated to keep a register of all the Infrastructure Charges levied by Council. The register is updated on a regular basis.

Infrastructure Charges Register​​​​​​​​

Local Government Infrastructure Plans

On 27 June 2018, Council adopted amendments to the Gatton and Laidley planning schemes to insert a Local Government Infrastructure Plan (LGIP) into both schemes.

The purpose of an LGIP is to:

  • integrate infrastructure planning with the land use planning identified in the planning scheme
  • provide transparency regarding a local government's intentions for the provision of trunk infrastructure
  • enable a local government to estimate the cost of infrastructure provision to assist its long term financial planning
  • ensure that trunk infrastructure is planned and provided in an efficient and orderly manner
  • provide a basis for the imposition of conditions about infrastructure on development approvals.

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