Planning Schemes

​​​The planning schemes currently in force and effect across the Lockyer Valley Regional Council area are those of the former Gatton and Laidley Shires which were in place when these shires were amalgamated to form the Lockyer Valley Regional Council on 15 March 2008.

The only exception is in the Grantham area, where the Grantham Reconstruction Area Development Scheme prepared by the Queensland Reconstruction Authority has been in force and effect since 4 August 2011.

Below are the links to the instruments and all relevant maps. 

Current Planning Schemes

Other Planning Document

Superseded Planning Schemes

Laidley Shire Planning Scheme 2003 - Amendment 2

Laidley Shire Planning Scheme Major Amendment 2 alters the level of assessment of Intensive Animal Husbandry in the Rural Landscape Area [zone] for poultry farms. The amendment changes the level of assessment from code assessable to impact assessable development where Poultry Farms have 1,000 birds and greater.

Draft Lockyer Valley Planning Scheme

The draft Lockyer Valley Regional Council Planning Scheme has been prepared to provide a single planning instrument that sets out consistent development requirements across the whole of the Lockyer Valley Regional Council area.

As a result of the matters which were raised during the public consultation period for the draft planning scheme and the passage of the Planning Act 2016 by the Queensland Parliament, Council has determined to review the content of draft planning scheme and prepare an amended planning scheme document and amended mapping.

This will result in a new planning scheme that will be consistent with the new legislative environment under which it will operate and which will be better able to meet the needs and serve the interests of the Lockyer Valley community. As the changes to be made to the draft planning scheme will require it to be subject to a further round of public consultation, there will be a further opportunity for all interested persons to review and make a submission on the amended version of the draft planning scheme.

The matters raised during the April to June 2015 consultation period have been reviewed and will be considered when draft planning scheme is amended as part of the current review. The comments provided by all who made a submission are appreciated and all who have an interest in the future planning of the Lockyer Valley are encouraged to take the opportunity to review the amended draft planning scheme when it is released for a further period of public consultation.

If you have any questions regarding the draft Lockyer Valley Regional Council Planning Scheme, please contact Council on 1300 005 872.

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